A tribute to coronavirus helpers- Thank you coronavirus helpers

To stay safe indoors, you need to be very careful and pay attention to the slightest symptoms of disease transmission. Careless behavior towards health can put a person at risk of contracting diseases. By following best practices and standard precautions with dedication and sincerity every day, people can easily ensure the health and safety of their loved ones and people in the world are also saying, thank you coronavirus helpers.

The following are some recommended basic protection measures by coronavirus helpers against COVID19 that people can adapt indoors to stay safe and healthy.

Here are some common safety tips that can help you prevent coronavirus indoors:

1.     Maintain social distancing: 

Keep social distancing even if you stay indoors because disease-carrying bacteria can spread in the air through breathing, contact, and even droplets. Always take safety measures to protect yourself, such as setting up a protective barrier between you and the environment, in case you have to leave to perform emergency work.

2.     Strengthen your immune system:

In addition to ensuring that you wear protective equipment to form a safe barrier against bacteria, it is also important to emphasize strengthening your internal immune system. If the individual’s immune system is weak, the protective barrier can only be effective to a certain extent.

A weaker immune system makes it easier for bacteria to enter the body. Strengthening the immune system is always the best protection against infection. Eating fresh foods such as vegetables and fruits, physical exercise, and intake of essential nutrients such as vitamin B12 and methylcobalamin can strengthen the body’s inherent system to fight against any foreign bodies that enter the system.

3.     Disinfect your belongings: 

Disease-causing bacteria can survive for a long time even after being separated from their natural habitat. They can remain inactive during the transition phase until they find a suitable host to thrive. To understand the role of the virus, you can take copper as an example, it can stay for 4 hours. 

Cardboard can contain the virus for 24 hours and the virus can adhere to plastic and steel for almost 72 hours. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces that are often swapped with disinfectants can keep the surrounding environment clean and unsuitable for bacteria to breed.

4.     Keep yourself engaged in fun activities:

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Wash your hands the right way often: 

5.      According to the regulations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you must wash your hands thoroughly with a certified sanitizer for at least 20 seconds. It is highly recommended to use a disinfectant with an alcohol content of at least 70%. Alcohol is a very effective disinfectant that can kill coronavirus germs and bacteria. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers can help effectively fight epidemics.

At this time people are giving tribute to the coronavirus helpers by saying, thank you coronavirus helpers, in different ways. It is our responsibility to help them in maintaining the preventive measures to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

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