A to Z about Bess Katramados wife of Big Show

Bess Katramados is one of the famous models from Illinois, United States. Bess Katramados is a beautiful white lady, who believes and follows the Christian religion. Her birth year is 1973.

 Katramados is also famous as the better half of Big Show, who is a well-known wrestling personality.    

Bess Katramados and Big Show married in 2002. They met at a WWE event in 2000. It was Big Show who approached Bess for the very first time. They exchanged numbers very quickly started to have long talks and text messages.

After talking and knowing each other for a fine period, they began to date each other. Bess Katramados found Big Show a very nice gentleman and started their lovely relationship. In 2002, they decided to marry. The marriage ceremony was a very private one.

However, many WWE superstars attended the beautiful night. Bess Katramados is Big Show’s second wife. From 1997 to 2002, he lived with Melissa Piavis. Katramados and Big Show had two boys together. Cierra Wight is Bess Katramados’ stepmother.

However, she loves and takes care of Cierra like her own daughter. Bess now works as a homemaker, giving their boys a meaningful life in many different ways. 

Bess Katramados started her career as a model. She did put her best as a professional model and started to earn work. Getting places in top magazines several times made Bess too happy. At the beginning of her career, she was satisfied with her work.

However, the thing started to change after two to three years. She did not receive the golden stage to take her game to another level. It became the biggest reason behind her downfall. Bess feels that not getting a big name behind her back was the key reason behind her rapid downfall. Despite many ups and downs, she did her level best to become a stable name in the world of modeling. Not many can reach the level of Bess.

However, she was too beautiful and had every single window to become even a very sound actress. Indeed, many people would have loved to see Bess Katramados working as an actress in big films. Bess Katramados could have been a much better name with good backing.

However, it is very hard to get kind people in this brick-and-mortar world. Nevertheless, Bess Katramados is happy with her professional journey as a model. Now she does not work as a model anymore. She puts her all to give her kids a magnificent life. 

Bess Katramados does not use social media. She lived a glamorous life as a model.

Therefore, she now loves to remain far away from the world of media. It the key reason behind not using these amazing social media tools. 

Bess Katramado’s net worth stands at the mark of $1 million (US dollars) at present. She did her level best as a model to gain huge sums. Bess’s husband is rich. Therefore, they don’t face financial challenges.  

Big Show is a World Wrestling Entertainment icon. Not many have a profile like Big Show, who can adjust in any situation. He is a regular WWE performer. It is very hard to become a regular in WWE.

He can be great and venerable at the same time, which makes him a far better professional wrestler than many around the world. Big Show is still a huge WWE name. Many boxing fans love him from the bottom of their heart.