A Quick Guide To Clean And Maintain Your Safety Weapon (Pistol)

Properly maintaining a pistol is an obvious step for any revolver owner and is essential for optimal safety and effectiveness. Conducting maintenance is the owner’s best option to inspect the pistol and its parts for excessive wear or internal breakage. Improperly maintained or unmaintained pistols become increasingly less reliable. Lack of reliability could have damaging consequences if you malfunction when utilizing the handgun. Finally, if done correctly and consistently, the whole cleaning procedure boosts the safe gun-handling practices that will serve you well in all situations. Ensure you read your owner’s manual for proper disassembly and reassembly of your pistol’s particular make and model. Here are some steps you have to follow while cleaning your pistol:

Gather Your Materials

To clean and maintain your pistol, you must get supplies. When beginning your cleaning, you need to make sure you have all the materials so that you don’t miss any step required for cleaning. For instance, bring all cleaning materials, like any cleaner made for gun cleaning or lubricating, which is required.

Completely Unload The Pistol

This is the most crucial step in the whole cleaning procedure of kel tec p17. To safeguard yourself and others around you, you should remove your magazine and any ammunition that may be loaded within the pistol. Only do this while pointing the pistol in a safe direction. Make sure you do a complete check, visually (look) and tactilely (feel). Check the breech to ensure there is no round in the chamber.

Disassemble Your Pistol

After unloading your pistol, the next step is to disassemble your pistol. For this, First of all,

●     Withdraw the magazine from the magazine well.

●     Locate the slide lock lever and turn it clockwise until in a vertical position. This unlocks the slide from the frame.

●     Move the slide forward toward the barrel, and it will slide off the front.

●     Discover where the spring meets the barrel; the spring is under tension, so you must be careful when pulling the spring.

●     Press the spring forward toward the barrel and pull it outward to remove the spring.

●     After pulling the spring, the barrel is free to slide out.

Brush The Barrel Thoroughly

The next step is to clean your pistol with a suitable tool for the pistol. You can use a brush to clean your pistol properly. Now, grab your brush and push rod from your tool kit. And First, you have to attach the brush to the end of the push rod. Then entirely brush the barrel for close to 30 seconds. This reduces all of the carbon build-up from unburned powder and the build-up from the copper jackets of the bullets.

Clean The Barrel

In this step, you should grab the dowel and pushrod from your cleaning kit.

●     Hook the dowel to the end of the push rod.

●     Using cleaning solvent, wet a patch from your cleaning kit.

●     Put the wet patch at the breach of the barrel, and with the push rod, push it through the barrel till it comes out the other end.

●     Repeat the steps in the following order: 2 wet patches and three dry patches.

●     Repeat these steps for 3 and 4 until the patches come out clean.

Brush The Slide

When you utilize a semi-automatic pistol, there tends to be carbon build-up all along the interior parts of the slide. This is visible by the ejector and firing pin assembly.

●     Pick your brush and brush the following surfaces:

●     Inside the center of the slide by the ejector and firing pin

●     All along the interior of the slide

Lubricate Your Pistol

Once you’ve completely cleaned your slide, frame, and barrel, you’ll need to properly oil/lubricate the moving parts of your pistol. This will count on the type of handgun you are cleaning and instructed lubrication per the manufacturer. Take lubricant and lubricate the following parts using lubricant.

●     Inside the slide along the rail on both sides

●     The top side of the hammer

●     The bottom side of the hammer

Reassemble And Check For Any Irregularities

Once everything is cleaned and wiped down, it’s time to begin reassembling your kel tec p17 pistol. During this procedure, you must carefully check each part as you put it together and look for any damage, irregularities, or excessive wear or play (movement). It is important to note if there is any damage, it can be dangerous for you when you use it. So take a closer look when resembling your pistol.

There are some steps to clean your pistol and crucial steps to keep and maintain your pistol in good condition. So whenever you do the cleaning of your pistol, follow these steps to clean your pistol.