A New & Organic Medicine: Black Seed Oil Capsules

We depend on medicine and supplements greatly. They help us to treat illnesses and diseases. Moreover, they help us mediate our systems and prepare them for protection from potential problems. The introduction of supplements was a revolutionary one. They gave people a much simpler and easier method of consuming medicine. They are also considered a much more effective way of administrating the medicine. They dissolve in the body much quicker and act swiftly in the fortification of the organs.

A product that has been on the rise in this category is black seed oil capsules. They use a plant-based oil as their ingredient, hence the name. This article breaks down black seed oil and its derived capsules. Their benefits, composition and possible side effects are all discussed.

About Black Seed Oil Capsules’ Primary Ingredient

As indicated by the name, the capsules are entirely made up of black seed oil. The word black seed oil capsules might not ring a bell for many. We’re here to elaborate for everyone. The black seed comes from the fruit of Nigella Sativa. Nigella Sativa is the Latin name for a plant that grows in Asian and Middle Eastern territories. The plant holds a significance in many cultures and traditions. It has been used as a spice throughout the world. There is no doubt you would have seen it as a covering on salads or bakery items.

The seeds of Nigella Sativa are put through the extraction process. After which, the black seed oil is extracted and used for various products. The oil can be applied topically or orally. In this article we discuss the oral uses of Nigella Sativa oil. Black seed oil capsules are basically an encapsulated version of the oil, made for easier ingestion. They make it easier to provide the body all the benefits that the organic oil brings.

Medicine in the past heavily used black seed oil for treatments and health benefits. It was used for treating everything from fevers to indigestion to even male fertility complications. Since there was no research in the past, the effects of the oil could not be explained. However, modern technology has made that problem obsolete.

A great deal of research has gone into Nigella Sativa oil. The results have shown that the oil is rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Fatty acids such as the Omega series are also present in the oil. These, along with Vitamins A, B and C, make for a formidable organic substance. And the presence of these are reason for the oil’s medicinal applications.

A Veiled Secret Ingredient

Amongst all these nutrients and proteins, there exists a more significant substance that is unknown to many. That substance is scientifically known as Thymoquinone – or TQ for short. TQ is a bioactive organic compound that is naturally produced within Nigella Sativa. It is the driving force of black seed oil capsules.

The compound is significant due to its power of coexisting alongside others. The mix of TQ and the previously mentioned substances, makes black seed oil capsules a miraculous supplement. TQ is responsible for fighting inflammation and bacteria for your body. It protects against arthritic diseases and is a defensive force for your immune system. Nerve cells also gain protection from the presence of TQ, making you less likely to develop neurodegenerative diseases.

Without Thymoquinone, it would be quite difficult for the oil to be as beneficial as it currently is. Most of the medicinal properties in black seed oil capsules are lent by TQ. Being completely organic, TQ has been identified to be safe for humans. Hence, black seed oil capsules are no subject for worry and can be safely used.

Uses for Fitness and Health

The advantages that these capsules bring you are wide-ranging. Looking to lose some weight? They can help. Research has indicated that regularly consuming the supplements makes the user lose weight at a faster rate. This is in relation to other mediating effects of black seed oil. It helps with reducing high blood pressure and keeping it stable. Problems that are associated with high blood pressure are also alleviated. Your risk of developing heart disease becomes much lower, the occurrence rate of heart attacks drops exponentially. This happens because the capsules reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Your fitness is maintained perfectly with these supplements.

The capsules greatly reduce insulin levels to a healthier point. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels overall. Those who are fasting, consume black seed oil capsules to help with their fasting blood sugar levels afterwards.

Moreover, brain health is supported very well with the use of the supplement. The capsules hold neuroprotective capabilities that reduce your chances of developing diseases in the future. The likeliness of something like Alzheimer’s decreases.

Those who have breathing difficulties should definitely put the capsules to use. The capsules’ ability to reduce inflammation in the body helps in relaxing the muscles. Specifically, the airways in the body are relieved. This allows for much better pulmonary function. Asthma patients have observed great changes in their condition after regularly consuming these supplements.

Seasonal allergies like hay fever are also treated using the black seed oil capsules. Congestion in the nasal cavity is reduced greatly within days. Also, stiffness and swollenness in the joints is soothed greatly when the capsules are consumed. This has been backed by many studies just as the other benefits have.

Safe Usage and Possible Side Effects

There is no specific dosage but generally the black seed oil capsules should not be over consumed. Depending on the concentration, consult a doctor for what amount you can consume. Everyone has a different system, thus there is no one right way. Underlying conditions can cause complications with the consumption of any and all supplements. The same is with black seed oil capsules. It is always advised to take professional advice before you include something into your routine.

Of course, one important aspect to consider is where the product is being purchased from. There needs to be an assurance of the purity of the oil inside the capsules. The wrong mix of chemicals can cause many problems depending on how your body functions.