A Guide to Pick the right Badminton shoes

If you are a professional player, you know that selecting the right pair of badminton shoes can be a daunting task. It gets trickier for those who must make this choice every 2-3 months. The entire task can also become a pretty expensive affair. That is why even the experts prefer to buy badminton shoes online India at lowest prices. 

In case you are a beginner, selecting the best pair for your daily practises can get confusing. One of the crucial things to understand while picking up any sports shoes is to determine the key features that can help you with the selection. In the case of badminton shoes, a few things to look for include comfort and fitting, weight, looks, player level, shoe durability, shoe support, etc.

Sounds slightly confusing? Well, this guest post will focus on highlighting the key features of buying badminton shoes at the best price.

Soles For Grip & Strength

While you go through the selection range, the first thing to notice is the shoe’s sole. Of course, having a nicely designed shoe will always be your priority. But the sole needs to be one of the crucial factors determining the overall lasting grip during your session. The ideal for those playing on rubber-floored or wooden courts is the gum rubber sole. 

Or, you can select the rubber soles, which are harder than the gum rubber ones. But the latter won’t be offering you enough traction on wooden or rubber courts. Also, selecting shoes with ergonomic designs is advisable for better traction. You might want to elect the latest technology soles, which offer hexagonal moulds for superior traction. 

Comfort Above All

Whether it is a dress or a shoe, you should never compromise the overall comfort of wearing it. The same goes for your playing gears too. Comfort and fitting should be the ultimate factors for deciding the right pair of badminton shoes for your daily sessions. 

Regarding this aspect, one needs to be conscious of the size of their feet. Depending on the length and width of the feet, you can select the right pair for you. If you have wider feet, look for the section solely designed to meet your expectations. 

Almost all badminton shoes are now designed as “ergo shape” to provide stability and flexibility around the toes. It helps with the constant forward and backward movement of the feet during the game. Along with this, it is essential to look for strength/focus. 

Also, remember that a perfectly fitted shoe will minimise blisters or ankle injuries. However, sometimes, investing in good insoles can do the trick for you as it provides ankle support and thereby stop unnecessary damage to your ankles during heavy movements. 

Apart from this, try leaving a little room for your feet in front of the shoe to avoid unnecessary pressure during the play. A little tip from the expert regarding this would be to always wear the shoes in your house for a week or so to soften and even stretch them a little before your practice sessions.

Play Level & Frequency

Another determining factor would be the level of play and frequency for selecting badminton shoes. If you are keen on buying badminton shoes online, try using filters like play level and frequency to find the appropriate pair for your feet.

How is that relevant here? If you are a professional player, you must invest a lot in a good pair of professional badminton shoes. That is because the professionals must undergo intense training daily and cannot injure themselves by wearing the wrong fit or uncomfortable shoes. In this regard, going for the ones with perfect cushioning is always recommended.

However, on the other hand, the scenario is slightly different for the beginners. Since you will be just starting your game and might not require intense workout sessions, it is advisable to start slow with the selection. Since you don’t have a clear idea about the right fit or comfort, experimenting with the available options can be a good way to shortlist the right pair. 

Material for Durability

Badminton shoes are highly durable but also malleable to take the shape of the feet for providing comfort and proper fit. So, while looking for the best pair of shoes for your sessions, you need to check the pair’s build, design and material to understand if it perfectly sits and moulds itself as per your feet movement. As a tip, the good shoe will have reinforcements along your ankles to provide outstanding support and stability, while there will be air vents for high breathability. 

Lightweight for Smooth Movements

One thing that always annoys people is that most brands fail to offer proper weight measurements for the shoes. A lightweight one will be an excellent selection for any player who needs to move fast. However, selecting the lightweight options often shrinks the shoe support overall. Also, lightweight ones can reduce durability and might not be a sustainable option. 

But not every brand fails to achieve in this regard. A handful of shoe brands are available in the market that makes their products that are light and highly durable simultaneously. Also, they enhance the player’s overall performance while providing the best comfort possible. 

Looks Always Matter

Having said all of these points in the above section, let’s talk about these shoes’ overall look and feel. Who doesn’t want to look good while performing the best? So, while looking for all the factors, do not compromise with the look of your shoes, as it can break or make the entire look during the game!


Well, this might not be directly related to the features of the shoes, but it is a crucial point to take into consideration. You must set aside a strict budget for the pair of badminton shoes before shopping online. Since these shoes are essential for the players’ comfort during the game, different brands offer them at high prices. 

For professional players, this is an overall investment for their games. However, understanding your requirements and comfort will cost you a little if you are a beginner. Hence, going forward, invest in affordable shoe brands that can help you determine the right fit and comfort before making a hefty investment for your future games.


Remember these things while selecting the best shoes for your badminton sessions. However, there are a few tips to consider for using these shoes for prolonged periods. Even if the shoes feel very comfortable, never wear them for any outdoor sessions except your game, as they can wear and tear the entire sole. 

Never go for the bigger or slightly smaller size; the right fit is necessary for smooth foot movement during the game. Also, since you will be sweating a lot, ensure the shoes are breathable and soft. Lastly, always try before you buy, and in case it doesn’t feel right, move on to the next selection range and never compromise. Happy playing!