A Guide To Buy A Perfect TV Stand

On the lookout for the ideal centerpiece for your living room? Here’s how to buy the correct TV stand for any room.

TV stands are best used in living rooms which have enough floor space to support them. There is a prevalent modern trend towards hanging your flatscreen TV from the wall, but not all TV’s can manage this – and neither can all walls.

Here is our guide to buying the best TV stand for your home, which will complement your taste, style, and décor. If you follow our guidance, you should be able to find a piece for any budget.

The TV Stand Buyer’s Guide

There are many steps to getting your TV stand choice right first time. Here are the top considerations you ought to make before you buy.

Consider the Size of your TV

The first point is not always the most obvious, even though we may think it is. Buying a TV stand is best done after you have measured your TV itself, to see how it will fit in. You may need to measure depth and breadth, depending on your TV, but think about height too. Where will your eye level be if you sit on your settee and face the TV stand?

Work out Eye Level

Work out where eye level for your TV will be. It doesn’t matter if you need to look a little up or down to watch TV but looking up for prolonged periods will hurt your eyes and neck. Think about placement of your TV stand in relation to your couch so that you can work out where eye level might be. You should mark the point on the wall where you’d like the TV to stand, then subtract the height of the TV from the height on the wall. This will give you a minimum unit size to work with.

Consider Length

The experts at recommend you consider the length of the TV in comparison to the stand. If the TV is too long on either side, you run the risk of the TV being knocked over. If the stand isn’t long enough for the length of the TV, on the other hand, then the stand might tip. Keep the stand size larger than the size of the TV for best results.

Types of TV Stand

There are three main types of TV stand, the large, the small and the medium sized. We like to introduce the fourth option of a corner stand, which takes less space and looks sophisticated.

You can have TV stands with extra storage underneath. These are a good idea if you have a gamer in the house who keeps multiple consoles. This storage space might also be an area for DVDs. Some TV stands have glass doors on the front, to make it easier to both conceal your consoles, and play them without opening the doors.

Other Considerations in TV Stand

Lastly, think about your décor. Once you know the size and shape, you’d like, and whether you want storage or not, it’s time to pick a color and material. Wood is traditional although tempered glass has seen lots of use over the years. TV stands can be made from anything that tables can. The options are endless.

Guide to Buy a Perfect TV Stand

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