A First Generation Start-Up Story: Luis Gabriel Carpio

Luis Gabriel Carpio is a 27-year-old serial entrepreneur from New York City who is making his mark as a first-generation American. Growing up in a family that came to the United States for a better life, Luis has taken his determination and ambition to the highest levels. He is the CEO of Metastrategy and a Marketing Executive at EverydaySuccess Team (EDST). Luis is also a passionate rugby player, competing for the Dominican Republic National team. Read on to find out how Luis is blazing a trail as a successful entrepreneur and making his mark.

Luis Gabriel Carpio has much to be proud of in both his professional and personal achievements. As a marketing executive with EveryDay Success Team, he is consistently working to bolster the reputations of his clients. With over 1,000 clients serviced, Luis is looking to double that number in 2023.

With MetaStrategy, Luis helps entrepreneurs and artists create an online identity, develop relationships, and monetize their online presence. He also helps businesses with strategizing for social media, providing publicity and public relations services.

Carpio’s story is inspiring for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. He embodies the American Dream and shows that it is possible to make your dreams come true no matter where you come from. His success story proves that if you are willing to work hard and put in the effort, you can reach your goals and make an impact on the world.

His lifelong personal and professional pursuit is becoming the best version of himself. Every day, he is working to reach this one personal and professional goal. Faced with fierce competition in today’s market, Luis sets himself apart and provides true value to his customers.

Luis will be making the Meta Strategy website public in January 2023. Stay up to date with Luis here:

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