A Few Ways to Promote Produce for New Year’s Eve

When New Year’s Eve hits, people are generally ready to call it quits on the holiday treats. But no one wants to miss out on one last party before resolutions put an end to excessive consumption habits. The best balance between these extremes is to offer your shoppers healthier choices by promoting New Year’s Eve party options in your produce department. 

Traditions Old and New

Besides champagne or other alcoholic beverages of preference, there isn’t much served on New Year’s Eve that is essential. Unlike Christmas, which suggests foods like ham, turkey, fruit cake, sugar cookies, eggnog and gingerbread. The lack of familiar New Year’s Eve fare leaves the window open to an abundance of possibility, even the potential to start a new tradition.

Catering the Party

Of course, something to satisfy the appetite should be offered at every party to ensure the host is doing a good job. For this reason, the days leading up to the end of the year can offer a lucrative time for grocery stores to sell more. Offering a few suggestions regarding produce ideas for New Year’s Eve snacks can help this trend along.

New Produce Tables Can Help

If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your promotions in the produce department, you should consider upgrading your display units. You can find a manufacturer of grocery store fixtures that offers customizable produce display tables to make it easier to arrange product promotions exactly how you envision them.

12 White Grapes

While people in North America usually drink champagne, kiss a loved one and sing Auld Lang Syne when the clock strikes twelve, that doesn’t mean traditions involving food don’t exist in other parts of the world. Spain has a fun tradition wherein everyone eats one white grape for each stroke of the clock at midnight.

The attempt to get all of those grapes down in time can either prove someone’s abilities or result in hilarious consequences. In either case, the participants are sure to start the new year with a smile. The ritual even holds a superstition that claims anyone able to accomplish such a feat will enjoy good fate in the coming year.    

Ring Shaped Foods

Rather than follow the striking of the clock, many parts of the world, like Denmark, celebrate the new year with food shaped in a ring. This shape symbolizes the cyclical concept of the progress of time in a year and the repetition of the end of the season and coming full circle. The best part is that if this trend catches on, just think how many grapes you’ll be able to sell.

Cocktail Ingredients

Besides party food, there’s no denying that people enjoy celebrating the new year with a fancy beverage. Arranging the items that are essential for a few popular cocktails together in one place will help to remind your customers to pick up things like

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Oranges
  • Pineapple
  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Mint
  • Strawberries

If you add a few ingredients from other sections of the store like sugar, olives, grenadine, bitters and pickled onions, you’ll be well on your way to offering a one-stop section for everyone’s cocktail needs.

Some holidays are more of a challenge to promote in a grocery store than others. Whatever your strategy, the best way to ensure you’re ready is to equip the right display tables. Contact a company that offers attractive options with customizable features to find out how your produce tables can work better in your store.