Shipping labels are necessary if you manage a shipping department, an Etsy shop, or a small retail operation. If you only send one or two packages a week, you can print your labels on regular paper. You’ll have a useful label if you tape it to the package or cover it in a transparent sleeve. 

However, it can be frustrating if you ship a lot of packages. Additionally, DIY labels don’t have the most professional appearance. A suitable adhesive shipping label is ideal if you’re sending something to customers or significant clients. 

Since the orders of my Etsy store have increased recently, it means that we need to print more labels daily. I tried many printers before but I decided to move on to the MUNBYN Bluetooth printer ITTP129 to give it a try. Since it is a thermal printer, it does not require an ink cartridge.

In this article, I have shared my overall experience with the MUNBYN Bluetooth printer and how it helped me speed up my business’s shipping process.

1. Compact Design

The MUNBYN Bluetooth Label Printer is a desktop-sized label printer that’s made of molded ABS plastic. There are two color options for the housing: black and pink. And I bought a pink one because this color looks so cute. Its compact design and Bluetooth connectivity make it easier to locate it anywhere. It won’t occupy half of your desk or anything of the sort. Not only that, but moving the printer around isn’t too difficult. You can easily carry it in one hand because it weighs just 1.67 pounds.

The top cover lifts from its latch when you push the “open” button, allowing you to see the print head and the paper-insertion area. The paper is held by two holders, one on each side. You must modify the holders’ position according to the size (or width) of the thermal paper because they are movable.

Two plugs, one for electricity and the other for a USB connection, are located on the rear of the printer. At the back is an on/off switch as well. Make sure to utilize just the high-quality power cord and adapter that are included. The power adapter has a 48W rating (24V at 2A).

2. High-Performance 

The most practical and effective feature of the MUNBYN Bluetooth Printer is automatic label identification. This implies that any label with a width of between 1.57 and 4.3 inches can be put. When you press the feed button, the printer will automatically make the necessary changes to print your label properly. My daily requirement is to print 100–150 shipping labels, and the MUNBYN Bluetooth shipping label printer meets that requirement perfectly.

Besides, this Bluetooth printer is a multipurpose printer and can print circle labels and irregular sticker labels as well. I bought the circle labels, printed them for the packaging, and the output was awesome.

Regarding speed, it can print about 60 labels each minute at its rated speed of 150 mm per second. This figure is great for small businesses and dropshippers.

3. Printing Resolution

The printing quality of the printer is great. The MUNBYN Bluetooth printer’s resolution is 203 DPI, and this printer is capable enough to print clear printing labels and QR codes. We have an intricate but beautiful logo for our products, which we want to stick on the packages as well. We are curious if the printer will do it or not, and when I gave it a try, the results exceeded my expectations. All the details I want to present are clearly printed out!

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. But I usually use its Bluetooth connectivity feature because it is very convenient for me, as I connect my phone to the printer and print the labels from anywhere while sitting in the office.

Final Words

I used to use inkjet printers, but now I find the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer to be a very practical tool, especially for printing shipping labels. As a small business owner, I am very delighted to use this Bluetooth printer. It is a pretty small device, and after properly setting it up (which is really quite easy), all you have to do is make sure there is enough paper or labels in the reel. Because it’s a thermal printer, you don’t need to worry about ink or toner. If you want to print a lot of shipping labels or customize your own labels, then I would definitely recommend the MUNBYN Bluetooth thermal printer to you!

Adil Husnain

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