A Chance To Celebrate Houston’s Latino Communityand Do Business

according to dr Laura Murillo, President and CEO of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Houston, the chamber’s annual dinner and exhibition is Houston’s largest business dinner, with an expected attendance of nearly 2,000 this year, including nearly 90 elected officials. and the candidates of both parties.

But it’s also a business opportunity, he said Thursday during the annual event at the Hilton Americas hotel in downtown Houston.

“We really want to have an upbeat attitude in the company and encourage them to trade with each other,” Murillo said. “And we want to encourage our business partners to expand the opportunities for MWBEs,” minority and women-owned.

Hispanics make up more than 42% of Houston’s population, he said over lunch Friday, and account for more than $54 billion in annual consumer spending.

“Rest assured,” Murillo said, “if it affects your wallet, your business, your economy, we will be at the negotiating table. Our lawyer will tell you – we are non-negotiating capitalists.”

He invited leaders from chamber programs to the stage, including the New Leaders Institute, which works with young professionals, the Business Institute, which works with small business owners, and the Business Institute, which works with small business owners. and Height Together, a national initiative supporting Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

He pointed out that men and women on stage represent many professions and jobs.

“Anyone ready to buy a house here? Does anyone here want insurance? Anyone need a bedroom makeover? asked Murillo. “Does anyone have to do their eyebrows? Anyone need a therapist? Does your team need a leader?”

Anyone in need of eyebrow shaping is referred to world-renowned makeup artist Edward Sanchez, who launched his own makeup line after salons were forced to close during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his opinion, launching his own cosmetics line was a lifelong dream. Her inspiration, she says, was her mother and grandmother, accomplished “chefs” who treated her hair and skin with natural ingredients like olive oil and lemon.

She found that Hispanic entrepreneurs have always been underrepresented in the makeup industry.

“It’s my company. This is my label. I decide what ingredients are included,” Sanchez said. “I wanted to do something like a spa , for the body, for Spanish.”


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