A Brief Guide to Porta-Potty Rental

When you plan a big event at a hotel or event hall, you benefit from the fact that facilities come with built-in restrooms. Planning an outdoor event like an outdoor wedding means that you must provide a bathroom for all the guests. If you have a big event in mind, that means providing several bathrooms.

One of the simplest solutions for this particular problem is a porta potty rental or several of them. They’re mobile, efficient, and most people recognize them on sight. That cuts down on everyone asking where they can find a bathroom.

If you’re considering porta potty rental services for your next event, check out this quick guide on the essentials of renting porta potties.

Finding a Porta Potty Rental Near Me

Unlike some services, you can typically find porta potty rental services near you without much trouble. A quick online search will give you all the options in your immediate area. Just remember that porta potty businesses will go through a busy season in the summer when most outdoor events take place.

If you think you’ll have an event over the summer, start contacting rental services well in advance. That will give you a chance to lock in rentals for the date you have in mind.

Porta Potty Cost

Your average porta potty rental cost will vary a bit based on where you live. Costs in major urban centers often run higher than for equivalent services in suburban or rural areas. On average, though, you should expect the cost for a basic porta potty to run you between around $100 to $200 per week.

American Disabilities Act-compliant porta potties will cost you more. The prices for these run in the $200 to $350 per week range.

Most people will find it a surprise that a monthly rental only costs a little more than a weekly rental. It’s because transport, setup, and removal make up almost the entire cost.

Other Considerations

While locating porta potty rentals for parties and paying for them are the big concerns for most people, there are other factors to consider. For example, is there a location at the event site is both flat and at a distance from the activity? Is that location big enough for all the porta potties you need?

You should also inquire about any cleaning services if you expect you’ll need the porta potties for more than a day or so. If you need to provide more toilet paper, it’s good to know that ahead of time.

Porta Potty Rental and Your Event

Any outdoor event needs some kind of bathroom available. If the site doesn’t offer restrooms, a porta potty rental can solve the problem.

While you’ll likely find plenty of services available, always shop around a little for pricing and reputation. You may find the best price doesn’t always mean the best service. Locking in a reputable service provider will spare you headaches later.

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