A birth certificate registration requirement ought to be more strictly enforced.

The birth certificate registration website can be used for much more than only registering for birth certificates, despite the common misconception that this is its main purpose. Users are permitted to access the website for any birth certificate-related information. The website also helps the applicants with the process of changing the document if there are problems with the birth certificate, such as spelling mistakes, typos, or erroneous information.

Every Indian citizen has the right to register for a birth certificate. This rule does not have any exceptions. Although the law requires that birth registration be completed within 21 days after the event, people are permitted to wait longer to complete it, but they may also be required to submit more paperwork and may be charged a higher fee.

While anyone can apply for a birth certificate, the majority of people would require adult support to complete the process. Here are a few instances in which this can occur.

The eldest member of the family, the closest relative of the head of the house, or the head of the house, if the birth occurs in a house, may record the birth.

The Deputy Superintendent of the hospitals, officers-in-charge of a referral hospital, and PHCs are in charge of registering births when they occur in a hospital, sub-divisional hospital, medical college hospital, or referral hospital.

The registration is the responsibility of the medical officer in charge of the facility, such as maternity homes.

Despite the existence of all these regulations, one out of every four children under the age of five is not a registered birth certificate holder. Since the birth certificate serves as their only reliable form of identification until they are older and can be used to apply for other official documents from the government, these figures are not ideal.

While requesting a birth certificate has many advantages, it also forms a crucial piece of the government’s puzzle in keeping track of births and deaths in the nation.

Other advantages of applying for a birth certificate include:

for enrollment in schools

as age verification for employment

as evidence of age upon marriage certificate.

to prove parentage.

to determine the eligibility age for inclusion on the voter rolls.

to determine an age for the purposes of insurance.

in order to sign up for the National Population Register (NPR).

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