A Beginners Guide To Spiritual Life Coaching

You have a great job, a gorgeous apartment, and a lovely life, yet it feels like your life sucks. Have you ever wondered why? Or perhaps there’s a frustration with no known source, or you may find yourself constantly feeling fatigued with life. The right spiritual life coach can help you change your very life.

Life coaches aim to help make changes in life that have a lot to do with what’s visible on the outside. This can be getting fit and healthy, fulfilling career goals, setting new goals, and even fixing relationships and living life with discipline. A spiritual coach, on the other hand, helps you deal with what’s inside of you. It is often more complicated and difficult to reach even by oneself.

Coming across Spiritual Life Coaches, you might be wondering if this is right for you. There are many ways you benefit from Spiritual Life Coaching, but first, let’s take a look at what it is so you have a clearer understanding of what we’re talking about here.

A Spiritual Life Coach

It is not by creating habits or forcing lifestyle changes that require immense motivation and discipline, but rather by simply changing the way you think about yourself and about life. You may hear spiritual life coaches using words like ‘finding your true self,’ ‘listening to your subconscious,’ etc. This is because they’re all about letting go of the labels, actions, and reactions that the world has taught you and learning to be proactive and in touch with the inner.

As we are born and grow, we learn a lot about the world and ourselves. Most of the time, everything around us is set up in a way to make us hide who we truly are. Often, we fall well and truly into this trap and end up forgetting who we truly are. Everything becomes about the grind and living the way we’re expected to instead of what we truly want to live. As a consequence, we become frustrated, angry, anxious, sad, and often quite unhappy without any idea how to get out of this rut.

This is where Spiritual Life Coaching can come in handy. A trained and expert spiritual life coach will help untangle this web. The truth is, being mindful, proactive, and taking affirmative action is the only way to recover after a long life of living like that. Additionally, we have to do all the hard work ourselves, and a spiritual coach can only guide us through it. As it can often be a tough road to traverse, and most people end up giving up halfway through, a life coach, on the other hand, can help you get through to the end.

What To Expect?

Spiritual Growth

When you go for Spiritual Life Coaching, you can expect spiritual growth without a shadow of a doubt.

In this case, it is all about removing judgments from your life, no matter where they may be directed. More often, we judge our thoughts, actions, looks, and even feelings. All of this can be severely detrimental to our mental health. Even if we realize what we’re doing, it is not all that easy to stop a having that has taken years to be forged and formed. Spiritual Life Coaches will help with separating these judgments and take everything in life as it is.

Get Moving Or Moving On

Another issue we often face is that we might feel stuck in certain situations or even in the loop of everyday life. This can be caused by doing a job you’re uninterested in with no support to take a break and make a change, living in a terrible apartment, or even a neighborhood that doesn’t interest you. While it may seem easy to say move on, or people might advise you to quit or change your home, the truth is – you would have already done it if it was that easy!

The key here is to get mentally unstuck. Often life-changing moments help people become unstuck and move on to things in life that make them happy. At the same time, life-changing moments are not simply waiting around the corner. Consequently, you will need additional help to get out of the loop that you’ve been pulled into.

With the support of Spiritual Life Coaches, it will become much easier to move on.

What To Look For In Spiritual Life Coaches

Core Beliefs

You will want to work with a coach that can share your core beliefs. This is the difference you will find when you look at Life Coach Vs Spiritual Life Coach. A life coach does not need to share the same belief as you; all that matters is the outcome. With a spiritual coach, however, for things to go well and smoothly, you will need to have similarly aligned core beliefs. This is the only way you will have full faith in their advice and their techniques, and you will be able to follow them from your heart.

Mutual Trust And Comfort

There should be shared trust and comfort between you and your spiritual life coach. Only if you trust them will you be able to implement the advice they offer without a doubt.

What is often overlooked is the conviction that spiritual coaches must have in the individual they’re working with. This trust can often manifest as patience when they’re not ready to accept advice, or they’re taking a tad bit too long to implement a value in their life and waiting for them to be ready, among other things. Without this mutual trust, it can be difficult for one to work with a life coach.


While finding inner peace can often be a tough journey, it is often a wholesome and fulfilling one. So get the help of a professional like Zoe Graman and listen to what your inner self has to say about life.

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