9 Movies That Motivate You to Study

When you are a student, it can be really hard to study. College can be a time when you learn a lot of new things and soak up an abundance of information. That being said, studying can be really tough at times. There are so many different subjects that it can feel like there’s no way you can keep them all straight.

Well, the good news is that there are some movies out there that have the power to motivate people to study as well. A professional writer who provides a paid essay writing service compiled a list of interesting movies. So, check out these nine movies that will help you study like crazy instead of distracting you!

Pirates of Silicon Valley, 1999

You should constantly have lofty objectives! And you’re probably going to make and fix a lot of mistakes before you get anything nice. These are worthwhile personal experiences rather than pointless setbacks. The story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will excite you if you haven’t previously seen the biographical movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley.” Don’t use the fact that Gates and Jobs dropped out of college to excuse being lazy. Do you know how much time they spent studying and working after school?

Dragon Zakura, 2005

Japanese TV shows typically have an artificial, cartoonish aesthetic. But that’s not the case with Dragon Zakura. It tells the story of a lawyer with an interesting past, who aims to help pupils at a “school for fools” get ready for entrance to Japan’s top institution. The lawyer had just been dispatched to handle the debt as the unproductive and unpromising institution was going to shut down.

However, the attorney chose to give the institution another chance. Of course, he pursues his own interests, employs uncouth but successful techniques, and generally conducts himself in the unassuming, Dr. House-like manner. However, the show is so inspiring that you actually want to focus on your studies after watching it!

Mona Lisa Smile, 2003

Watch this movie if you’re a girl who has even the tiniest doubts about your ability to succeed in the IT industry. It focuses on how a young educator with a progressive viewpoint motivates female pupils to alter their perceptions of women’s roles in society. Katherine Ann Watson is fueled by her management’s patriarchal biases to battle against stereotypes. Julia Roberts plays the lead role.

Hawking, 2004

Even a serious disease cannot justify being lazy. Mental exercise is also a fantastic treatment. This historical movie chronicles the life of renowned British astrophysicist Stephen Hawkings, who persevered in his passions despite being paralyzed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

Additionally, he has maintained a positive outlook that enables him to view his circumstances ironically. The scientist lived to a ripe old age despite the sickness normally taking people’s lives within a few years. He was passionate about the secrets of physics and witty about life. The most important thing is to never give up and to find meaning in life.

An Education, 2008

Love is also not a reason for stopping to learn. Priority one should be given to your pleasure and freedom. A person who truly loves you won’t force you to give up your education; instead, they will only encourage your goals. The movie illustrates how inspired enthusiasm can fade, and how it hurts much more to return from heaven to earth where you are unable to perform any useful tasks.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story, 2003

This movie is for people who like to blame their unfortunate circumstances on being born into a “bad” or “poor” family. A person can only voluntarily choose to become a hostage of his environment. You can accomplish anything if you have a goal and a strong desire. Remember that even though this is merely a movie, the story is based on actual events.

The Intern, 2015

Do you believe that it is too late to learn anything new? This movie persuades you that changing your neurological connections is a good idea after retirement. According to scientists, those who regularly use their heads as adults are not affected by any diseases, not even Alzheimer’s. Veterans of the intellectual world also enjoy significantly fuller and longer lives. 

Like the 70-year-old intern in this movie, they also assist the company and their coworkers since their wealth of life experience helps in the discovery of practical solutions. Therefore, challenge yourself and take on difficult jobs without considering your age. 

Billy Elliot, 2000

Continue learning what you enjoy even if those around you don’t think you’ll succeed. Let the mockery fuel your determination to show the world you can. That is what Billy Elliot’s inspirational story teaches, and the film has a fantastic ending!

3 Idiots, 2009

This is a good Indian movie that will encourage you to learn for the sake of useful knowledge and not be scared to express your opinions and ask questions. Rancho, the main character, is the one who demonstrates the importance of education. The actor was 44 years old when he was filmed as a student, which makes him interesting to watch.

Studying can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to learn so many different subjects. These nine movies are a great way to explore different subjects and learn more about the world. The best part is that they are all available to watch online, so you can entrust your homework to an online essay writer from the USA or put your studying on hold and pick them back up whenever you have some free time.