9 Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Parents by Shlomo Rechnitz

Finding a way to manage your day-to-day life and the demands of being a parent is a difficult job. Being parents is a full-time job and feeding, bathing and having fun with your children will leave you with very limited time. As per Sholomo Rechnitz parents also have to earn an income, keep jobs, and do every day while taking care of their children. It’s not easy finding a position that permits you to be an adult and a professional.

Today’s technology has made it possible than ever to work at home. Parents and kids are able to take advantage of new opportunities. Since more and more jobs are away, more parents can find work-from-home opportunities that are flexible and flexible. They can also get jobs that allow working at a time that is convenient for them and not have to worry about childcare for their children.

If you’re looking for an online job that fits your needs and interests, as well as your desire to be close to home, with kids Check out these nine options.

1. Customer Service Representative Work from Home

Median Pay: $7.75 per hour which is roughly $35,934 per year1.

How You’ll Work: Customer service representatives usually work for a business responding to questions from customers through phone calls or email. The job entails answering customer inquiries, searching for customer data and offering solutions to issues. It is possible to work full-time or part-time and be able to jump into helping customers anytime you have spare time.

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2. Data Entry Specialist

Median Pay: $35,833 per year2.

The Job You’ll Be Performing: A data entry specialist handles data and can handle data of any type. This job usually requires good keyboarding skills since you’ll work with a variety of spreadsheets. You’ll make sure to input data precisely where it is required, making sure that the information is accurate and correctly presented.

3. Virtual Assistant

The Average Salary: $38,478 per year3.

What you’ll do: Virtual assistants are exactly like the traditional assistants to administrative tasks. But instead of working at the desk of an office they’ll be able to complete all your work from your at home. On a typical day you’ll respond to emails, manage your social media profiles, manage schedules and calendars, plan travel, and do research.

4. Translator

The average pay is $22 an hour that is roughly $67,343 for the year4.

The tasks you’ll be able to perform: Translators can work using either audio files, written documents or even films. They translate content between two languages. You could either be employed by a business that requires consistent translation or take on projects and assignments as freelancer, said Shlomo Rechnitz.

5. Social Media Specialist

Median Pay: $41,945 per year5.

How You’re Going to Do It: Social media specialists manage various websites and social networks. They’ll design and schedule posts to increase engagement, make sure that companies have a strong social media presence. solid, and manage ads or content. You could also assist in the creation of new ideas for the future social media initiatives.

6. Bookkeeper

The average wage is $ 18 per hour that is approximately $38,187 for a year6.

What you’ll do: Bookkeeping can be an extremely specialized job, since it requires meticulous management, focus on detail, and understanding of financial matters. On a typical day bookkeepers will keep track of the financial transactions of a business as well as update documents and statements as well as review the financial documents. It is possible to also manage invoices and payments, as well as bills and other costs.

7. Computer Troubleshooting Technician

Median Pay: $ 22 per hour that’s roughly $45,738 for a year7.

How to Work: Work to solve IT issues and provide answers regarding hardware and software for computers. As with any in-house IT department Remote tech who can troubleshoot computers is able to identify technical issues, guide users through solutions, and resolve issues remotely via online access, Shlomo Rechnitz

8. Transcriber

Median Pay: 15 dollars per hour which is roughly $31,110 for a year8.

What you’ll do: With quick typing skills and a keen ear Transcribers convert audio files into documents that can be written. The job involves listening to an audio recording, then convert the audio into a document online. Precision, precision and precision are essential qualities you’ll need for this position.

9. Proofreader

The average pay is $33,126 for the year.

What you’ll do: Proofreaders are responsible for identifying and correcting mistakes in various written works. You’ll be looking for errors large and small, such as logic-related flaws, whether or not the material is coherent, and grammar errors. Proofreaders are able to take on individual assignments to create portfolios and their work will be more frequent over time, said Shlomo Rechnitz.

How to Find These Work-From-Home Jobs

Are you wondering how to begin applying for work-from home jobs such as these? It’s as simple as getting online. Businesses typically advertise remote jobs on their sites and online job boards. You can only find these jobs when you search on the internet.

You can look up remote positions as well as part-time remote jobs as well as work-from-home opportunities. Be sure to look through various job sites. Some, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed provide traditional in-office and remote jobs. Some, such as FlexJobs have only work-from home jobs. You can search for all job openings that require remote work.

Final thoughts expressed by Shlomo Rechnitz were finding a balance between your job and children can be a challenge. But it doesn’t mean you must put off your career and interests, or the time you spend with your children. If you work from home, you can find the perfect ideal fit for your lifestyle.