9 Drive-by Birthday Party Ideas for Social Distancing

According to a research study published by Plos One, the social distancing policies put into place in 46 different countries prevented 1.5 million coronaviruses cases

Those policies reduced the number of new cases by 65%. In the U.S., states with no social distancing policies didn’t see reductions in transmission rates the way states with strict policies did. 

Social distancing is a vital part of stopping the spread of Covid-19. 

If you have an upcoming birthday and want to celebrate with loved ones safely you should consider a drive-by birthday party. Need some drive-by birthday party ideas? Check out this list to learn more!

What Is a Drive-by Birthday Party?

Drive-by birthday parties emerged during the start of the coronavirus pandemic as a way for friends and family to gather to celebrate birthdays while staying safe. Friends and family drive past, parade-style, the birthday guy or gal’s home and honk their horn to say happy birthday. 

Each celebration is different. Some might include decorations while others have music.

The drive-by party guests might bring gifts too. This list includes some ideas you can use for your drive-by birthday party. 

There’s no one right way to do it as long as everyone has fun!

1. Decorate Your Front Yard 

A great idea for your socially distanced drive-by party is to get your family to decorate your front yard to make things feel more festive.

You can order a few different yard signs that say happy birthday or ones with your name. You can include signs with different emojis of cakes and other festive birthday items. 

You can also set up some balloons, flags, and other birthday decorations to take lots of pictures of the special day. 

2. Set up a Wine Drop off

Make drive-by parties a little more fun by organizing a wine drop-off. If you prefer a dessert drop-off that works too.

As each car drives by your house they can bring out your favorite bottle of wine or a different dessert and drop it off by your door. 

If you want to enjoy some of these drinks with your friends, you can set up some plastic cups and have everyone pour themselves their own drink. You can all stand in the yard and chat while keeping your distance. 

3. Have Guests Decorate Their Cars 

A drive-by birthday party wouldn’t be the same without having guests decorate their cars. Your loved ones can add decals with your name or the words happy birthday to their cars. 

If there are multiple guests in the car they can pull up with some balloons or streamers to make the event feel like a parade at Disney!

4. Have a Themed Party 

If you’re wondering how to throw a drive-by birthday party you should definitely have a theme. Whether you ask all the guests to decorate their cars in the same way or use a theme for your yard decorations, having a birthday party theme can make the day more fun and personalized. 

A superhero party can be a lot of fun because you can have guests dress up in costumes and capes. A gold party would look beautiful with all your decorations shimmering in the afternoon sun. 

5. Have a Socially Distanced Picnic 

A drive-by birthday party doesn’t mean guests can’t stop by the house to spend some time with you. When guests drive up have them bring their own picnic basket. 

Set up some camping chairs, at a distance, so everyone can eat comfortably. This is a great way to share food with the ones you love while keeping everyone safe. 

6. Set up a Goody Bag Table 

Everyone loves some good birthday party favors. You can put together some goody bags with treats for everyone to pick up as they drive up. 

Set up a table at the end of the driveway so everyone can take something without needing to get too close. This table can work for guests to drop off gifts or food they’ve made for you too. 

7. Have a Dance Party 

Dancing is one of those activities that seems obsolete in a Covid world. Being in a crowded place and so close to another person is a dangerous thing to do these days. 

If you want to have a drive-by dance party you can do it safely. Each time a guest drives up to your house have them play a favorite song and make up a dance to it. Dance along with them from a distance. 

It’s a unique way to dance with another person but you’ll have a lot of fun. 

8. Create a Drive-in Movie Theater

If you have space you can turn a drive-by birthday party into a drive-in movie night. Have your guests park in your yard and set up a projector to play a movie on the wall. 

You can set up lawn chairs six feet apart if you feel comfortable doing so. 

9. Change up the Drive-by Birthday Party 

Instead of having people drive by your house, you can be driven around to your friends’ homes. They can set up some decorations in their yard and leave a gift out for you to pick up. 

After you’ve finished visiting all your friends and family, you can head out to different stores and restaurants that give out free stuff on your birthday. You’ll end up collecting a ton of goodies on your special day. 

Drive-by Birthday Party Ideas You Should Consider 

If you want to have a birthday celebration during Covid you should consider some of the drive-by birthday party ideas on this list. You’ll get to see your friends and have fun while still being safe. 

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