8 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Selling

Your website is the heart of your business. 

As per one of the researches, users are eager to jump out of your website after 20 to 30 seconds if they can’t spot something valuable. Within this period, your users decide whether they would buy or move away. In a sense, the first impression can make or break your customer experience!

Several people keep on committing the same mistakes without even knowing that it’s a mistake. This is why they’re left with ZERO results. You might be stumbling on the same track. But, is this the end? 


There is a solution to every problem! To get to the bottom of this, you need to step back and evaluate the situation step-by-step.

Here we have listed 8 major flaws you need smack as soon as possible:

1.Your Website’s Design Isn’t Engaging or Difficult to Navigate

Do you know the psyche of colors and designs? 

Colors and designs inject positivity or might even work opposite!

Which means…

You need to think hundred times before choosing any web design. The more likely the users would feel positive about your website the more likely they would purchase your product.

The easiest solution is to select something smooth and minimally organized! The cluttered designs make users uncomfortable forcing them to quit their journey! 

You need to design a super attractive and user-friendly website where your users would not only discover your products but along with that, they enjoy interacting with your website,

Web designs are not only the ornamentation of your websites, these are the greeting-notes that reinforce purchase decisions! 

2.Poor-Pixelated Visuals 

Do you want to sell super-cool products? Perfect! 

But, how about the customers left with low-quality images of your product? 

They would never ever dare to buy a product that is potentially unable to depict its beauty! 

Sounds like there is no use in your products without its high-quality image! 

Well, you literally need to upload high-quality images pictures of your products if you are serious about growing your profit! 

3.Requires Long Sign-up 

Greeting the users with a long sign-up procedure is an instant turn-off for buyers! Pretty sure, you don’t want to lose your customers this way! 

The long-sign-ups raise suspiciousness and fear of being tricked or receiving spam. In most cases, users feel like they won’t grab worthwhile services in return for their personal information. 

You need to respect their every visit and never force them into anything they’re not ready to do! 

4.Has a Painfully Slow Loading Speed

How about offering the word-class products on your webpage … on a painfully slow webpage? 

It’s like throwing your investments out of the window! Within 3 seconds if your website couldn’t greet the visitors they would probably walk away and head to competitor’s platforms! And would never return! 

This is how your website’s poor performance can lead you to disastrous results! 

Hence, make sure your website is running at a blazing fast speed before it’s too late. 

5.Content Is Not Mobile-friendly 

Mobile traffic leads around half of the online traffic! 

Which means… 

If your website is not mobile-friendly you’re at a heavy loss. Mobiles are everywhere and this is probably not a new thing for you. And, a perfect businessman knows that he has to hit both sides! 

Having a website that is accessible on laptops only, won’t do any good! This means, you need to go the extra miles and design a mobile-friendly website with all the features below: 

  • Flexible designs
  • Excellent loading speed 
  • Compatible and easy to use 

If you really want to work like a pro, optimize your website and make it easy to use for all types of users. Your website should do wonders on both mobiles and laptops, else you would lose a steady stream of online users. 

6.Low Webpage Ranking

Your Website’s performance in terms of sales and revenue is highly dependent on the ranking of your website. If your website is unable to stand on top of every other site, then how would people know that your company exists? 

The top-ranking pages on Google’s search results tend to hold more than half of the whole traffic! 

This means you need to rank on top to grab a huge amount of traffic. 

But, how? 

Well, Search Engine Optimization is the key!

It only ranks the websites that are highly SEO optimized. Thus, you need to dig deeper and find out what your users are searching for and start optimizing your content as per their requirements. 

It’s not that challenging, you can simply choose one of the best SEO services in Cardiff or from any corner of the world to uplift your webpage’s ranking. 

7.Contact Information is Red-Zoned

Everything might be running perfectly fine. Your customers had fun and are ready to buy but wait…

Where are the contact details? Right on the top-left corner or on the bottom-right corner? 

How would the customer know where it’s hanging, if they’re not able to spot it easily? Well, these corners are red-zoned areas.

Do remember, your customers want easy solutions. They won’t stay and wander from this corner to that, instead they would simply jump out! Even worse? Many of them would lead towards competitor’s webpages! 

You need to make sure your contact details are on top of everything! Moreover, you can use on-the-spot chat for enhancing customer’s experience. 

8.Insufficient Reviews/Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are among the best marketing tools. If your website is lacking these major tools your progress would abruptly hang! Because customers want a guarantee of their investments being spent on the right platform. 

These testimonials can help to build good customer relationships and crush customer’s suspicions regarding the authenticity or validity of your products. 

If you have spent numerous hours building your website but still, it’s not performing then there is something you really need to fix. Step back and optimize both of your website’s graphics and contents.

Still, if you’re facing any challenges you can choose the best SEO services in UK to trigger your webpage’s traffic! 

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