8 Mandatory Tips to Learn About Budtending

Several jobs are available in the cannabis industry with the increasing number of states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use. One of the hottest, and well-known among them is budtending.

A budtender is the face of the cannabis industry who helps the customer to learn about the benefits, and use of their cannabis product.

Budtending- 8 Tips you should know-

The job of budtending can’t be taken lightly. As cannabis industries are becoming competitive, it’s essential to learn about budtending tips that may help you-

  • Compliance is important– Any management representative or dispensary staff member will agree that compliance is a tough game. However, you can’t ignore it as it is necessary.
  • Understand dosing– When you see someone trying a new product, help them read the labels. Labels are a description of how much cannabis is contained within a dose of a concreated product, or edible oil.
  • Get insights into a lifestyle– From cannabis moms to athletes who vape post-workout, get to know how different people use cannabis. Moreover, help them to take cannabis that match their lifestyle.
  • Thoughtfully Upsell– Upselling is essential in sales, and these strategies are an important part of cannabis retail. It is advisable to don’t get into the habit of selling stuff that people won’t use. When upselling, put yourself in the shoes of the buyer to win their trust. The efforts will ensure them about what you suggested is of great use for them, and not just a way to get your sales up.
  • Your language speaks a lot about you-

Be careful about the language you use. Meanwhile, don’t make claims about the product that you can’t substantiate with evidence. For instance, if you say that something cures cancer, then you are putting your client’s life at risk.

Don’t get slapped by the governance or FDA by spreading misleading information.

  • Educate yourself– It was recently shown that only 20% of budtenders have done the training, or medical education. Rest 80% doesn’t learn about budtending, and pursue just because they have an enthusiasm for cannabis.
  • Have motivation– If interested to make a career in the cannabis industry, take initiative to stand out, and have motivation. For this purpose, you can ask questions, seek internal advancement, and ask for training, and development.
  • Be professional– The cannabis industry is moving into the fresh, and new face of cannabis. As the industry is approached by a group of peoples, it deserves great service. Be professional, show your knowledge, and do something for the lucrative industry which will be appreciated, and noticed by the discretionary consumer.

6 Qualities every budtender should have-

The position of a budtender is the most coveted for the marijuana industry newcomers. Several different sectors of marijuana industry are growing at an exponential rate. Moreover, the uses of cannabis are now legal in some states. Below is a list of the qualities every budtender must have when working at a busy dispensary.

  • Customer service– This is the most important quality of a budtender. They should create a space for the customer to explore their options.

They should be able to provide a brief description of the products, and their effects. For patients trying medical marijuana for the first time, a simple explanation of cannabis strains is harmful. Here a budtender who is a friendly, and effective communicator proves as an asset for the dispensary.

  • Knowledgeable- Budtender with no knowledge will slow down the sales of the dispensary. So, for sharpening his knowledge, and skills, it’s essential for any budtender to learn about budtending.

Knowing the difference between Indica, and Sativa is just the beginning. For an in-depth understanding, it’s essential to learn about the POS System, labeling, and weight increments. There are training services available, and the customer expects that the budtender must be aware of every product for sale, besides flowers.

  • Multi-Tasker

Another desirable quality in budtender is his ability to multi-task. Serving a huge-crowd at once is a hectic-task. However, being able to serve a patient eager to make a quick purchase while maintaining co-ordination with others is a profitable deal.

  • Dependable – Such budtenders are difficult to find. Being on-time, and present is so important, and great budtenders know it well. Moreover, the quality of being attentive, and punctual results in more sales, and profit for the dispensary.
  • Etiquette- The etiquettes of budtender not only refer to the handling of marijuana. Beside it, how they manage their sales-room says a lot about them.
  • Diplomatic- Not all the customers are the same. Few of them don’t respect the rules inside the dispensary. A budtender should be capable to deal with such situations with diplomacy, and assertiveness.

Asking politely to follow the rules is a great idea. If a customer refuses to do so. Then let the security handle such people.

Becoming a budtender requires a lot of passion, knowledge, and a service-oriented attitude. If you can embody the skills listed above, you’ll likely have a promising career in the industry.


Budtender requires knowledge of strains, products, and benefits of Cannabis for consumers. The need for skilled budtender is increasing day by day as more states legalize medical marijuana.

The growing Cannabis industry is resulting in lots of jobs. Budtending is one of the most popular ones among all of them. Becoming a budtender is as easy as being hired by the company. No specific training, or license is required for the post. However, dispensaries expect a certain level of expertise from their budtenders.

The first step towards becoming a budtender is to learn about budtending and the Cannabis industry as much as you can. Finally, this way you will enter the industry, and be the first one to hear about the job for a budtender.

Needless to say, that the Marijuana industry has a wide future as they are legalized by several status.

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