8 Magento Security Plugins For Your Needs

Approximately 11% of ecommerce stores now operate on the Magento platform. This is not surprising, with the advantages and positive effects of operating on this platform, but as more businesses choose Magento, hackers have started circling Magento websites in an attempt to exploit security loopholes.

What happens when the Magento site gets hacked?

When Magento sites get hacked, often this is indicated through customer complaints for lost login or credit card details, defacement of the site, or multiple external links redirecting to spam sites and malicious content. Eventually, this leads to being blacklisted by Google and a painstaking malware removal process. While you are tackling the situation, other important aspects of your business such as customer trust and brand image are taking a serious hit creating a long-term loss of revenue and trust.

With security issues rising on a daily basis, it is no wonder that a huge number of Magento security plugins are now available on the market, structured for every security-based need. Additional, if you want to move your all-important data from Magento to WooCommerce or other platforms in highest accuracy and security level, LitExtension is your good choice.

Here are a couple of security plugins that provide comprehensive and multi-level security for your Magento platform:

  1. Astra Security

A combination of all the best cyber security features in the hands of experienced professionals, Astra Security recognizes security issues and vulnerabilities as step one of its protection strategy through vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, conducting security audits and meeting compliance requirements.

This security plugin also ensures that there is constant monitoring of all threats like SQL injection, XSS scripting, bad bots, malicious code, phishing malware, etc with a one-click malware scan feature that reports and resolves issues as soon as they are found. Along with daily vulnerability reports, IP and country blocking, and Magento admin login protection, Astra Security ensures that you receive all-round protection RPA DEVELOPER.

  1. Xtento

For quick and effective protection of your Magento site from unwanted attacks, you can utilize this security plugin with features such as secure logging into the admin panel, tracking site traffic for unusual spikes, protection from brute force attacks, and easy compatibility with other third-party extensions on the platform.

  1. Security by Mageplaza

Mageplaza focuses on the protection of your customers’ sensitive information from hackers, highlight IP addresses commonly used to attack your Magento store, and limit access to pages for registered users depending on their need.

The plugin also maintains a security checklist that allows it to display warnings if any are detected, block and track blacklisted IPs, initiate a required log-in for clients to restrict general access to all pages of the site.

  1. Admin Action Log by Amasty

This plugin sets up security barriers above and beyond those provided on the Magento platform – with Amasty, you’re looking at a 2-step authentication process, in-depth protection from spyware, unique authentication code for each user, and addition of IP addresses to the black or whitelist. You can ensure with this plugin that all activities performed by the admin panel on the backend are supervised.

  1. Watchlog by Wyomind

Wyomind promises a lesser number of attacks from the backend or missed security loopholes and possibly backdoors in the code used for the Magento platform. To do so, they extend features in their security plugin such as tracking the traffic on the admin panel, noting down and analyzing each login attempt, and stop brute force attacks with the Watchlog feature.

There are detailed reports regarding each login attempt and periodic emails regarding statistics to bring your attention to key issues.

  1. Firebearstudio

Firebearstudio is your best bet against protecting sensitive data and information used on your ecommerce store because of its ability to support REST and SOAp APIs for connection to external software and support XML with Json, ODS, CSV files, as well as map files separators and entity attributes.

  1. Neklo

With some of the best features for Magento security through the set-up of store security barriers, minimizing possibility of cyber attacks and recognizing other exploitative threats. What makes Neklo special is the ability to utilize customizable configurations according to the needs of the Margento store, so you can serve your customers’ needs better.

Features of this plugin include strengthening login information and setting digit and case requirements for passwords, place validity time for passwords, 2-factor authentication process, and automatic scans for viruses, security loopholes, and malware.

  1. Webkul

This plugin allows for better protection against severe cybercrimes along with ensuring there are no IP spoofs, brute force attacks, and implementing security measures on both the backend and frontend like email validation and 2-factor authentication. They can help you to fix malware, SEO spam & blacklist too.

It restricts accessing of data through banned IP addresses or countries, maintains regular logs with detailed information about logging to detect brute force attempts, as well as the submission of automatic reports on respective channels.

These are only a few security plugins that have made it to the list, but like we mentioned before, there are many more that are available on the market right now, so make sure to choose one that provides all the features possible!


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