8 Logo Design Shapes Revolutionizing the Brand World

A logo design, mark, or hint is necessary for any business or brand to become known worldwide. Besides, they make them appear at places where noise and commotion handicap one’s sight and concentration. It is true that back then, every merchant on the street signed unique business names. They wrote them in distinctive handwriting or had big banners atop their shops.

Back in those days, product labels and company appellations were considered established eminence. But today, things are the other way around. You don’t come across esteemed trademark logo design anymore. Thanks to the up-to-the-minute “arts & craft” technology making exquisite things and trinkets accessible for everyone.

What are the Different Types of Logo Design?

Nowadays, it’s all logos! When you require a business name, get a logo design. If you wish well for a brand title, buy a logo design. You demand a badge or symbol, acquire a logo. That’s how people and professionals define figurative drawings these days. Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that every type, size, or formation is a logo design, but it’s the recognition of it. It is the primary reason you can easily find a logo design agency locally or on the internet. But wait, there are some stark qualities that we’ll discuss later in our topic. Read on!

Since it’s a common doodad for business people and life-sized companies, you can find them like grains and stars. They’re everywhere, and you can’t stand their extremely conformist existence. So, how could you choose yours? What can you do to make them true to you and your brand? Please do not expect some magic to happen or some “Imaginary Logo Lord” comes to your rescue.

Sadly, you must enter the throngs of desperate entrepreneurs and enterprises. But like we promised you, certain things can help you champion the crowds and competition. Below are some fantastic logo design shapes that make the marketplace ripples. Thus, pick the one that suits you best. We recommend you first do a little good research about each of them. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Label Stickers

First and foremost, the boxed product titles and tags you see on bottles, jars, and other glass-cased items come here. These are brand names either in stickered form or in print design. Whatever the case is, these are neat and honored by the masses who adore age-old products and classics.

Furthermore, labels are well-known across the globe and are vastly recognized for their old-school titles and looks. You can go with this type of logo design if your brand is more on the conventional side. Besides, going full-on contemporary makes things look boring and passively overdone. So don’t fall for the new-fangled logos that look like artificial jewelry that sparkle if seen from a distance.

2. Placards

People generally keep these hand-holding posters up high during protests and demonstrations for their demands. But they also work excellently well if you want to place a logo design on them. The difference is that they’re not in your high-held fists but on the screens. Since they are common ground, you can expect people to notice them with a wink. There’s nothing that special about them, but they evoke emotions as they’re near and truer to our downtown and past cherished thoughts.

3. Badges

Ah, these. Great looks we all got when we were in schools; those yellow, blue, green, and red badges atop our chests, on shirts. Of course, it also saddens me that we didn’t have to see some “badge magic” in Harry Potter.

If that would’ve happened, badges would’ve been venerated by startups and brands. But sadly, they’re not many out there, rare yet the remarkable ones of the lot. We would love you to give these logo design shapes a chance. If you can nail them down, then there’s no stopping you. Good luck!

4. Cut-outs

Probably one of the most quirky and prevalent ones these days. You simply tear a paper out of your journal and use scissors to give the shape you want. For instance, such is derived by Apple, Adidas, Xbox, Cat, and Twitter.

Many startups and multinationals prefer cut-out due to their higher flexible ranges. Since they have no boundaries and no defined precincts, they’re more adaptable and can be used for various purposes. Advertising, animations, variations, and attaching them to emails are “easy swathing” for cut-out logos.

5. Typographic Logo Design

Different font styles can help you spice up your brand logos with civil manners and erudition. Indeed, the writing strikes letters and numbers about your brand, not the picture. Besides, even imagery has underlying meanings. There are lots of typography classes from different fables and cultures you can use to address your logos. Helvetica, Serif, Time New Roman, Calibri, Garamond, Futura, Georgia, Segoe UI, Century Schoolbook, and Arial are a few popular ones.

6. Emblems/Coat of Arms

Possibly the best looks of logos you can put on your business and brand. Emblems are like badges jounced up a bit with more imposing looks. These are more distinctive, practical, and have a sentimental feel. Their glossy veneer with cues and elements making up the whole picture gives them a more scholastic look.

On the other hand, coats of arms are more like the ones famous in the English tradition. The Kingly rules, age-old companies, and other trading vanguards use them. Certainly, these have immense historical significance and value.

7. Caricatures

These are common in cartoon series and full-fledged animation movies we watch. Tom & Jerry, Looney Toons, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Snow White, The Seven Dwarfs, and Popeye the Sailor Man are classic examples.

8. Vintage Logo Design

Unquestionably, the 60s, 70s, and 80s are coming back in the form of logos. You can use these logo design shapes that come in different shapes, sizes, and as such. These antique symbols come in the weariest, crude, and rustic facades.


The above captions have some of the most arresting logo design shapes and styles you can use for your brand symbols. You can also apply sketches and graffiti to them to bestow them with a more realistic appeal. Overall, our headers, every bit of inch, and anchor can help carry your worth and weight honorably. But of course, a web search can come in handy – enlighten you further for more elegant appeals and evidence. Good luck!


Lauren Henderson is a web content writer, and guest blogger, who offers unique and professional content writing services to online business entrepreneurs.