8 free cool games for children to play on mobile or tablet

With studies that state that almost all of the apps for children offered on Google Play are inadequate, it is necessary to be very careful when downloading applications or games that the little ones in the house will later use. That is why establishing some kind of parental control system on our devices may be a good idea.

But these are not the only measures that should be taken when lending or buying a mobile to a child. One of them is to choose well what kind of games they can play. For this reason, we wanted to compile some of the best cool games for children that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, available on both mobile phones and tablets.

My Tamagotchi Forever

The classic Tamagotchi also has its own game for mobiles and tablets. In this game created by the historical developer Bandai NAMCO, the objective will be to keep our character clean, well fed and entertained, while exploring the virtual world of Tamagotchi to meet other friends.

This is a puzzle game where the goal is to connect ice crystals of the same color to get the highest possible score.

Crossy Road

Another classic 2 player games for the little ones in the house is Crossy Road. For those who don’t know it yet, it’s worth remembering that this is a game where the goal is to get as far as possible avoiding obstacles, while we control characters like a chicken, the Android robot, Frankenstein, and many others.

Sago Mini Friends

The games in the Sago Mini series are some of the favorites for children. In Sago Mini Friends, all the characters from this franchise come together in a world that promotes concepts such as empathy, creativity, or sharing through activities ranging from gift-giving to snacks.


And speaking of educational games, you couldn’t miss codeSpark , a game with which children between the ages of four and nine can learn the basics of programming through interactive mini-games such as puzzles, game design, or printables.

In codeSpark, children will learn this type of programming concepts to later end up creating their own projects, following a study plan endorsed by MIT and Princeton University.


Nor could one of the official games of the most famous construction figures be missing. Lego Life allows children to enter a totally safe community, where it will be possible to digitally build figures of all kinds to complete challenges, see the creations of other players and share their own. And best of all: no need to pick up all the pieces of the dream when you’re done.

Super truck man

A newcomer to the Google Play Store that can become a fantastic option to keep the little ones in the house entertained is Super Truck Man. In this truck simulator with 3D graphics, the mission is to travel as far as possible collecting the gems and avoiding the obstacles that will appear along the way.


Several studies have shown how playing Minecraft can be a fantastic way to boost the creativity of little ones. Mojang’s building game offers players an endless world to explore, learn and experiment. Although the complete game is paid for -it costs 6.99 Euros-, it is possible to download a free trial version.

Minion Rush

The most famous yellow characters -with permission from The Simpsons- also have their own mobile game, and it is a perfect title for the little ones in the house to enjoy on their mobile or tablet. Minion Rush is a very easy game to play, in which you have to travel as far as possible collecting bananas and avoiding obstacles.

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