8 Actionable tips to grow on Instagram in 2023

Growing an Instagram account from scratch is a challenging yet rewarding task. One of the most considerable things is consistently posting high-quality, valuable content. Here is a detailed guide to growing your Instagram account.

  1. Writing a clear Bio

Your Instagram bio is a small space to make a big impact. It’s the first thing people will see when they visit your profile, so it’s important to make it count. A clear and well-written bio can help you from standing out from the millions of other users on the platform. It must have a clear call-to-action so people can directly approach you. It can also help build trust with your followers, which is essential for any personal or professional brand. Whether you are an individual or a brand, your Instagram bio describes you and your services to your followers. Writing a clear and vision-oriented bio with your website and contact details is a great way to share information. A clear bio section gives your brand a sense of credibility and authenticity. It assists you in connecting with a targeted audience and potential brands for collaboration. People can get to know about your services through your bio section. Here’s the list you should include in your bio section:

  1. A headline or Title covering all your services
  2. 2-3 bullet points explaining your business categories
  3. Add some business-oriented keywords or hashtags
  4. Your business email address, website, or contact number
  5. You can add your community group link as well
  6. You can add “DM (Direct Message) us” to get direct responses to your inbox

2. Add a clear call to action in your posts

Adding hooks and CTAs to your posts is a key to unlocking audience engagement. Write your posts as you are telling a story about your brand or products. People should feel a relatable connection while reading out your posts. You can add hooks like the “Save button,” “Contact Us,” or “Comment Below” to get engagement on your posts. You can also share Q&A posts so your audience can ask questions from you about your products or services. You can also offer giveaways to boost organic engagement to your Instagram account.

3. Follow a Hashtag strategy

Hashtags are the keywords describing a niche. Instagram has a separate page for each hashtag. People follow their interested hashtags and check relevant posts on those. Following a hashtag strategy is a real game changer in Instagram account growth. Your hashtag strategy should be a combination of niche-oriented hashtags, location-based hashtags, product-based hashtags, and event-based hashtags. Avoid using the most popular hashtags. The recommended use is 3-12 hashtags per post. You can search for relevant hashtags and distribute them in 3-4 sets. You can repeat these sets consistently to get results.

4. Get more visibility by reels

The reel is an Instagram feature of posting a short video clip with music or audio edited with various effects. Instagram reels are a new bridge to a big chunk of the audience. Businesses can showcase their products and services creatively and engagingly. More and more brands and influencers are getting enhanced viewership via reels. Sharing reels is a proven strategy for smaller businesses to grow and reach potential customers. You can share the benefits of your products and create your brand identity via reels. In short, reels are a resourceful way of driving traffic and sales.

5. Follow a posting strategy

Only doing random posting would result in Instagram account growth. The most followed strategy includes a combination of single-image posts, carousals, stories, reels, and live sessions. Creating a weekly content planner can assist you in posting strategically. You can follow the below weekly content posting strategy:

Monday: 2 Single image posts + 1 story

Tuesday: 1 Reel + 1 single image post

Wednesday: 1 carousel post + 3-4 stories

Thursday: Coming live for QnA session

Friday: Any Day-oriented or specific event post

Saturday: 1 Meme Post + 5 stories

Sunday: 1 Question Post + 1 Reel

(Note: You can Shuffle any day per your business schedule).

Posting time also matters, so always check the audience’s active time from your insights before posting.

6. Run personalized Ads campaigns 

Organic Instagram account growth may take a longer span of even years. But if you want to drive your targeted audience interested in your products and brand. Then running personalized ads campaigns is the only solution to generate leads for you. In this strategy, you run paid campaigns by selecting your objective and setting a specific ad budget. Your campaign would result in a targeted and hot audience. And you can generate your sales and ROI by selling your products via these personalized campaigns.

7. Buy a shout out

If you are a beginner and want a great boost on your account quickly, then invest in shoutouts. Shoutouts are sponsored posts by influencers with millions of active followers on their accounts. They will share your account on their wall for a specific time, say for 24 hours, and their audience will reach out to your account. These influencers can even promote your products or services by describing them in their posts. A shoutout is a great way to get social exposure on Instagram.

8. Buy Instagram services for instant growth

There are many sellers in the market who are selling Instagram services. These services may include Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments. The fast organic account boosting approach is to Buy Instagram Followers UK from these service providers. If you want economical packages and quality followers on your Instagram, Followershop.uk is the best choice in the market. Buying Instagram followers UK from Follower Shop would be a great investment of time and money, and your account will grow fast. 

All the above tips are equally important to grow with organic and paid methods. Above all is to follow a consistent strategy and great customer service. A great brand understands its audience well. To grow on Instagram, you must know about your target market, audience, and KPIs. Engaging and connecting with your customers is also important. Your Instagram handle should be known for value addition with a great customer journey.

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