7 Ways Your Home Will Be Radically Different within the Next Decade

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, your home is about to change in amazing ways. From a house that obeys your verbal commands to 3D printers that prepare your food, life will never be the same.

Thanks to internet connection solutions such as Plume, all kinds of devices can be connected to the internet at the same time. When 5G connections are nationwide, your home will be able to do a number of things you only thought possible in a science fiction movie. Here are some ways your home will be dramatically different.

1. You Won’t Need a Remote

Everything will respond to your voice and in a smart way. You’ll have an intelligent home assistant that knows how you like each room to be and will set it up for you automatically as you prepare to enter it. Plus, biometric-reading devices will be able to read your mood and adjust your home accordingly. Your home will adapt to you.

2. You Will Have a Robotic Maid

MIT scientists are working on a virtual home system that can make and bring you coffee as well as set the table. Robotic maids will be able to take on the personalities of virtual characters as they mop your floors and dust the bookshelves. Designers are also hoping these robots can be companions for the elderly and disabled, carrying heavy objects and calling family members in an emergency.

3. Your Walls Will Light Up and You’ll Have a Disaster Room

As populations increase, living space will become a valuable commodity. Since light fixtures take up unnecessary space, they’ll be replaced by lights in the walls instead that may come on automatically when you enter a room and turn off at the sound of your voice.

Natural disasters are on the increase as well, so expect homes of the future to have a truly safe room that can handle extreme weather or even a bomb blast. The rooms may be equipped with a shortwave radio in case cellphones are overloaded.

4. Instead of Watching TV, You’ll Wear It

Forget that huge flatscreen on your living room wall. You’ll be wearing a device that will enable you to experience your entertainment in a virtual reality. Imagine a movie character standing in your living room and carrying out the drama in front of you. Or what if you could watch and even feel fish swimming in front of you as you listened to music? It will be possible with the power of virtual reality.

5. Every Home Will Have a 3D Printer

Currently, 3D printers are too cost-prohibitive for the average consumer to use, but expect that to change in the future. People will use these printers to print their own artwork and create tools as well as furnishings and clothes.

There could be a 3D printer in every kitchen as well. They’ll print up confectionary and meat products as well as pastries.

6. Your Virtual Closet Will Tell You What To Wear

You’ll have a smart mirror that will enable you to see what different outfits look like on you without having to try them on. Your closet will know what the local forecast is and suggest an outfit based on the weather. Your closet will also know which outfits are washed and ironed.

7. Drones Will Deliver Food Directly Into Your Home

The days of scrambling for a tip for the pizza delivery person will soon be over. Instead, drones will be used to deliver fast food and other items. These drones will unlock your front door with your permission and then set your pizza or other item on your kitchen counter for you. You’ll come home to dinner waiting for you.

Thanks to faster internet connectivity and 5G, our home will be more than a shelter from the storm. It will also be a smart servant that will put even the most capable butler to shame.

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