7 Ways It Service Management Improves Customer Experience

No matter your line of business, customer service is an important metric. 

The old way to manage customer service is to rely on help desk services and front-end interactions. Of course, that will always remain a major part of customer support. 

A poor customer experience can be a hard thing to overcome for any business. But IT service management (ITSM) is an often-overlooked means of boosting the customer experience in many unexpected ways. 

IT can turn your old-school customer services into a cutting-edge, customized support experience like no other. Here are seven ways that IT service management can greatly improve your customer experience.  

1. Understand Your Customers

First, we’ll start with one of the top benefits of IT service management in any application.¬†

IT service management can improve the customer experience. It does this by enabling your business to understand who your customers are and what they want. 

Depending on your business, you will have to target different strategies to different demographics. Different age groups will demand varying experiences. And ITSM can help you ensure that customers are satisfied with their experience. 

Older generations may prefer service over the phone. But younger generations may interact through chat or social media apps. This is a channel where ITSM shines. It can help you manage customer service to improve the experience and ensure these customers remain loyal. 

2. IT Service Management Furnishes Agents With the Right Information

IT management services aren’t just about help desks and customer service centers.¬†

It has a lot to do with back end services as well. This is where ITSM can help integrate customer service systems with other operations in the office. These operations include the sales office and outside agents. 

ITSM synthesizes¬†customer service systems and the larger IT environment. And that means improved¬†efficiency and streamlined services. That way, customer service agents have ready access to a customer’s¬†entire history of interactions. This includes¬†a customer’s claims, orders, and even discounts.¬†

And that means better-quality customer service, and happier customers. 

3. Develop a Customer Community

IT management services can also help you create customer communities. 

These communities can act as a kind of buffer, which can help reduce¬†the overall volume of questions you’ll expect to receive from customers. In many instances, these issues or questions are easily resolved and answered. But¬†it still takes up the time and resources of your customer service department.¬†

Peer-to-peer communities are an excellent way to let customers interact with each other. That way, they can answer questions without involving your customer service department. Again, this improves overall efficiency and customer experience, letting you focus on more difficult customer problems. 

4. Greater Efficiency

Improved efficiency is all about squeezing the most out of the resources at your disposal. And this is where IT management services really perform. ITSM is optimized to help businesses achieve maximum efficiency in their operations. Of course, this extends to the customer experience. 

For instance, managed IT services can help your business respond more quickly to customer requests. You can provide more attentive customer support, and personalize the customer experience in numerous ways.  

Service management platforms, like Ivanti Service Manager, allow you to streamline your help desk services and improve the customer experience. Read more here to learn about how it can enhance your CX services. 

5. Customer Feedback

One of the most helpful aspects of managed IT services is that they can help your business amass useful customer feedback. 

The information-gathering potential of ITSM is something that shouldn’t be underestimated. There’s no good reason not to use this technology to get to know your customers. You can use it to¬†learn more about the things that matter to them.¬†

It’s important for businesses to listen to their customers. These¬†days, fortunately, that is a much easier prospect with the proliferation of social media. ITSM makes it easy to analyze customer opinions about various products and services. Then, businesses¬†can¬†derive better practices and experiences from this information.¬†

6. More Attentive Service

IT service management is also an excellent way to provide support for your customers when they need it, and how they need it. 

This is important when striving to create a unique customer service experience. You can use ITSM to develop a more centralized, online system, which ensures that customer inquiries are never lost.

Automatic systems can dispatch emails to customers. That way, they know that their problem is being addressed and when they can expect a response. The goal here is to make sure that all customer problems are dealt with in a timely manner. The absolute worst thing that can happen is for a customer to feel they are being ignored. 

7. Improve the Agent Experience

Finally, IT service management has the power to streamline and greatly improve the customer agent experience. 

One way to guarantee a less than satisfactory experience for customers is to have customer service systems that aren’t integrated. In this model, customer agents use varying applications and follow different patterns. And some of these¬†are decidedly inferior¬†to others.¬†

Managed IT services can help smooth out these difficulties. Using an assembly line approach, customer agents move through different screens and apps. This allows your business to have a uniform and repeatable customer service system. 

Let ITSM Help Improve Your Customer Experience

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that IT service management can improve your business’ customer support. Whether it’s streamlining the agent experience, or integrating customer feedback channels, IT services are a perfect resource for creating the best customer service experience.¬†

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