7 Tools Every Handy Dad Needs

Power tools are great since they empower dads that are into home improvement and woodworking projects. Our curated list contains equipment that can help your father complete his woodwork and home projects successfully.


Fathers should have separate types of saws to perform different projects. For instance, a table saw will allow your dad to slice his pieces perfectly without worrying about accurate cuts. However, he should be careful while using this saw as it accounts for over 85% of blade contact injuries.


Most fathers don’t like using stripped screws because they are problematic. Imagine how happy your dad will be if you get him a good set of screwdrivers. Some of the sets have ergonomic handles for maximum comfort and a rust-resistant alloy steel shaft.


We recommend getting a cordless drill for your dad to enable him to continue working on his projects in places with no power outlets like in the forest. Some of the drills available are controlled electronically to give your father control over his projects.


You shouldn’t allow your dad to strain by using small handheld sanders. An electric sander is an ideal option as it will enable him to slice his wood pieces and begin working on new projects easily. These sanders have variable speeds that result in beautiful projects due to smooth finishes.

Nail Gun

This tool saves time while working on woodcutting projects. Some nail guns are great at adding details like cabinetry and molding to wood. Using them is also a breeze since they have a lightweight aluminum body. Additionally, nail gun magazines have a capacity of 100 brads.

Drilling Kit

A drilling kit has drill bits and accessories that make a drill complete. Some kits have 100 pieces that are shipped with the standard bits, making them perfect for building projects. Your father can use the bits on plastic, masonry, metal, and wood.

Contractor Pen

This tool is not common. However, it’s ideal for fathers that like working on their home projects. The pen is perfect at making marks on steel and other metal types, as well as plastic and wood. Some pens can mark in extreme temperatures and others at different angles.


Dads deserve to be gifted with the tools we have listed above and a planner to help them organize their projects. We hope you have been inspired by our ideas and you have found the right gift for your father.

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Time Business News Editor Team