7 Tips on Choosing LED Lighting for Your Next Party

When you’re hosting a party, your goal should be setting the right atmosphere based on the theme. Doing this will ensure your party creates has that great initial impression and a lasting one long after it’s over.


Achieving this is not impossible so long as you know what you need. Choosing LED lighting for your party is crucial for transforming the space you create as well as the vibe and energy. Lights are the first thing party-goers notice when they arrive.


LED lights can make or break your party. If you’re having a hard time deciding which LED lights are best for your bash, keep reading.


1. Consider Lamp Shades

If you have lampshades, they are great at changing the appearance of light and how intense that lighting will be. The type of lampshades you get can also draw attention. If you want to add brightness to the area, white lamp shades the best as they emit the most light.


Lampshades are best at controlling the temperate. As you know light has heat. When guests stand under it too long, it can cause them to feel stuffy and sweat. You don’t want this


2. Use Dimmers

Too much light can be unattractive at a party. It can be a little too blinding to the eyes and annoy guests even if they don’t say anything.


Maybe the bright lights are exactly what you need at a party when you want to create attention. The good thing about most LED lights is that they can set either mood you seek by setting them on dimers.


You can install dimming switching on any overhead light or lamp so you have full control of the brightness. Sometimes you may need to alter lighting at a party. You may want night lights while someone is saying a speech and dim when everyone’s mingling to themselves.


Keep a neutral light for the bathroom. You want the lighting to be neither dim nor bright.


3. Consider Color

LED lights come in a variety of colors that can fit any theme you want. You select one color to use throughout the entire party or pre-set lighting to chance throughout the event.


Sometimes you want one color in one area and a different color in another. You may even want to mix things up with color spotlights in the center of a room or stage to draw attention. When you want to change up the color, it’s best to pick smart LED lights so you can control everything without having to go back and forth.


Lights make a huge difference in drawing attention and taking it away. Think about areas you want your guests to notice. The color you use will set the tone.


4. Think About the Location of the Party

You may decide to host your party, or most of it, at a specific location. If you are hosting a dinner party, you may decide on the color and lighting you want based on the utensils you purchase, the layout of the room, and the color of the room.


When you have stairs or any area you want to draw attention to, such as the hallway, you can add accent lighting. Accent lighting creates a wow-factor for guests as they pass the area.


What’s a party without dancing? Getting the right led dance floor lighting is also crucial. It’s a great type of spotlighting that creates a central focus area for quests to join in.


5.  Shapes Give Off a Theme Too

You do not have to use the same boring LED lights at your party. You can easily alter a theme just by changing the shape of the lights you buy.


They can complement the type of party you are hosting. For example, if you are having a spring-themed party, you can get flower-shaped LED lights like cherry blossoms.


Christmas LED lights are, of course, perfect for those end-of-the-year parties and are a fantastic way to lift the atmosphere. Hosting a game party? You can find LED lights with cartoon characters. The options are endless.


Some of these lights may be a bit more on the expensive side, but they are more than worth it, especially if you plan to reuse them again down the road.


6. Indoor Parties

When you host a party indoors, you can pick any type of lighting to fit the mood. However, if LED string lights are highly recommended. They are a fun, easy way to add lights and draw attention on the wall, along the shelves, or beneath the cabinets. These lights are also easy to install and remove.


When you host parties indoors often, be sure the bulb replacements you get also match your old sockets. You do have to replace sockets if you change LED lights you keep on your ceiling when it’s not the same.


7. Outdoor Parties

When you host a party outside, you should pick sturdy LED lights that can withstand the weather. Even though everyone might expect nothing but clear skies and sunshine, you never know what may happen.


You also want to be more strategic about the lights you buy or strategic about how you hide the cords. Wireless LED lights are best for outdoor parties in bright settings. If you choose wired LED lights, opt for wires that you can camouflage in the background or add accents to keep attention to the lights; not the cords.


Choosing Led Lighting That Fits Your Party’s Mood

Your job is far from over if you think hosting a party only involves picking the right food and costume. Choosing LED lighting for a party is up there on the scale of importance too because it’s a powerful way to set the mood.


Throwing a dinner party, a birthday party, or an outdoor party all require different types of lighting. You may not be able to control the people who come to your party, but you can control their overall experience with the equipment you choose that makes the party one to remember.


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