7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Use Of Plastic Water Bottles

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Plastic water bottles comprise most of the total waste produced worldwide and have proved a tremendous environmental problem. Plastic can take up to a thousand year to decompose; hence, they reach into the oceans, harming marine life. It is said that plastic is the largest source of pollution in the sea, and it has caused the death of 1 million sea birds and 100.000 marine mammals every year. It is essential to emphasize reducing the use of plastic bottles. Many states have built return it bottle depots where you can take your plastic bottle waste during the open bottle depot hours in Calgary or elsewhere and get paid for it. This has caused a significant reduction in overall plastic waste production.

Ways To Reduce Plastic Consumption

Due to an increase in endangered marine animals, reducing plastic bottles and other items has become essential to save marine life and help achieve sustainability. Some of the effective ways to reduce plastic water bottle consumption are:

1.   Use reusable bottles

Rather than buying a new bottle every time for a drink, it is wise enough to buy a reusable plastic bottle that can be refilled. There are many bottles available in the market, and make use of BPA-free plastic bottles that are more durable and easy to use by washing them thoroughly before each use. If you have any excess plastic bottles, you can always visit your nearby bottle depot and hand them over.

2.   Reduce the use of plastic straws

Focus on reducing the use of plastic straws as they are a massive threat to marine life. It has negatively affected our marine ecosystem. Many marine animals have lost their lives by eating the harmful toxins produced by plastic. There are many affordable and durable reusable plastic straws available. It would help if you opted for those, so you do not need to buy the straws every time.

3.   Cut down on excessive food packaging

It is essential to reduce the buying of plastic-wrapped items. For instance, you can buy loose fruits and vegetables, which are much cheaper than pre-packaged ones.

4.   Cut down the use of plastic cutlery

Try to carry your reusable cutlery every time with you so that you do not have to buy disposable cutlery while going to a restaurant or a coffee shop. This step can also aid in reducing the overall plastic waste you are likely to produce.

5.   Carry a reusable shopping bag

Plastic shopping bags have been widely used a few years back, and it has contributed significantly to disturbing the marine ecosystem. The more the use of plastic bags, the greater the pollution. It would help if you shifted towards using reusable bags to prevent piling up the plastic bags and use the reusable bags each time.

6.   Use canned milk instead of plastic bottled milk

If you consume milk daily, use canned or powdered milk instead of the one in plastic bottles. This is also an effective method of reducing overall plastic waste. You can responsibly dump your used bottles at a bottle depot near you.

7.   Avoid microbead-containing products

Several cosmetic products contain microbeads in them. These microbeads are mostly made up of plastic; when they enter the sea, they can endanger marine species. To prevent such a state, you should reduce the use of microbead-containing products.


Your ultimate duty is to raise awareness regarding the importance of minimizing plastic consumption among your friends, family and relatives. This way, you can efficiently reduce plastic consumption and, consequently, plastic waste, and you can find the simplest ways to reduce the waste in your home. Many states have established return-it bottle depots where you can visit and hand over your bottle waste during their open bottle depot hours in Calgary or elsewhere. You can reduce waste efficiently by adopting the habits mentioned above.

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