7 Key Tactics to Successfully Scale BigCommerce For Enterprise B2B Businesses

If you want to build a BigCommerce store that can cater to B2B Enterprises, there are several things that you must follow and keep in mind to ensure success for your store. More than 80% of all e-commerce stores fail as per studies. The major reason is a lack of understanding of the market and the target audience.

So, how can a business ensure that its BigCommerce store is not only successful but highly scalable as well? Perhaps the best solution is to hire a Bigcommerce development company to help them out for the store and also utilize salesforce commerce cloud development to ensure there is no lacking in the business.

One may wonder how hiring a Bigcommerce development company will help them ensure business success and scalability. The answer to that is such companies have certified developers who have hands-on experience working in this field. This means they know how to scale your store as they have actively done it before. 

Similarly, one may ask why to use a salesforce commerce cloud development service. It is because the Salesforce cloud can provide you with a centralized solution by bringing all your data to a single place. This helps ensure scalability as well as your business can keep on growing and all the data is stored safely on the cloud.

Now we know the basics of ensuring success for our store by using services such as salesforce commerce cloud development and Bigcommerce migration. Let us look at 7 key tactics we may implement and follow in our e-commerce business to ensure the success of the store and high scalability.

Tactic 1: Provide authentic product data

Most of the companies that provide B2B services on e-commerce fail to provide authentic product data. One must understand that the only medium of communication on e-commerce is the store. You need to provide authentic product details to your clients so they are aware of what you will provide to them.

If your store does not provide complete and clear data, your clients will never reach out to you since they will assume that this is not what they require. Your store must provide authentic and organic data so that your clients can compare it to their requirements and then reach out to you for business.

Once your product data is organically placed on your site, it will help in SEO as well. Since clients will search for keywords that will be present in your product data, it will eventually lead the clients to your e-commerce store. This can help scale your business as more and more clients will land on your store.

Tactic 2: Use Integration solutions

Integration solutions for e-commerce mean that there is data transfer between your e-commerce platform with the five critical components of your business which are sales, marketing, customer relationship management, accounting, and inventory.

These integration solutions automate data transfer to other e-commerce components which provides ample benefits. Firstly, automation means that there is no need to manually input the data which decreases the chances of error. It makes business operations easier and reduces the burden on the employees.

Businesses can scale their operations thanks to integration solutions. The automation allows the businesses to focus on operations instead of data entry which makes scaling the business much easier. You can focus on providing services to your clients while the software maintains the data integrity.

Most B2B companies rely on ERP data in systems such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. These help house the business data like pricing, customer accounts, inventory, and business transactions. This data can be passed up to your store and vice versa making it an essential need.

These integration solutions can be developed from scratch or businesses can purchase ready-made integration solutions for their BigCommerce stores from a Bigcommerce development company. These solutions can help scale your business with B2B clients by maintaining the store data.

Tactic 3: Maintain business accounts of your clients

When your business is up and running, you must maintain the history of the business. This involves maintaining the business accounts with your B2Bclients. Very few e-commerce companies do a good job while maintaining the business accounts of their clients. 

BigCommerce provides a B2B edition that can help maintain the business accounts of your clients. Businesses are expected to have options that can add multiple users, request quotes for products, and provide control user permissions. These are needed to ensure that businesses can view their history.

You must provide your B2B clients with a transparent view of their business in a master account so they can stay informed. This makes it easy for store owners as well as with properly maintained accounts, you can ensure that your client’s purchase history is present which makes management of the business easy.

As the business grows, you can also ensure that the clients are managed properly. Their payment history, order history, and transaction history make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. You can use these accounts to maintain lines of credit as well so that your clients are managed accordingly.

Tactic 4: Provide accurate shipping, taxes, pricing, and totaling costs

Several B2B companies fail to implement accuracy in their quotations to their clients. They provide incorrect quotes to their clients which leads to driving the clients away from the store or the clients receiving quotes that lead to miscommunication between businesses.

What this means is that the pricing is inaccurate because of calculation problems such as the final price being what it was expected to be. Shipping rates are varying heavily. The tax rates are not right. This can lead to losses in the business for us as we provide quotes that result in losses.

To ensure that the quotes we provide are accurate, one must make sure that the pricing setup has no contradictions in the conditions, the tax rates, and shipping rates are designed such that there is no blank spot that may cause incorrect quotes. The calculation conditions must have clear and accurate logic.

You need to build customer trust in B2B businesses because if you falter, your clients can always abandon your services to your competitors. Just comprehend, that you provide your client with a quote, then ask them to pay more due to incorrect calculation. Client trust in you will decrease and they will take business elsewhere.

Also, you need to make sure that when the client is entering their data, it is correct. For instance, the client entered their shipping information but made an error. You elicit that error quite late and now the shipping rates will have to be changed. So you must ensure appropriate checks are set up on data entry.

Developing the logic or nested login for calculation or validation checks is something not all people can do themselves. This is where you can hire a Bigcommerce development company that can handle the store operations flawlessly to ensure correct quotes and that the customers are provided with accurate quotes.

Tactic 5: Provide multiple Payment options

One of the major reasons why e-commerce is so successful is that customers were provided with a very flexible payment method. These methods make sure that the clients and the stores have a very transparent and easy payment-providing service.

Your store must provide the clients with a flexible payment method. It is not enough to provide them with only credit card services. Your store must offer multiple solutions such as pay orders, mail by check, and cash on delivery as well. This is necessary so that your clients don’t take their business elsewhere.

You can also provide your long-term and trusted clients with perks such as credit limits. These can increase your business value for clients and ensure that your clients always prefer you over your competitors. You can maintain the business by using salesforce commerce cloud development to manage clients.

Once you offer multiple payment options to your clients, not only will they be happy, but they will prefer doing business with you. Automating payment will also help scale the business as the complete payment management will be done by software leaving you free to focus on the business instead of stressing over payments.

Tactic 6: Provide the best user experience

Most businesses think that if they provide immense business value to their clients, they will always be on the top. This is correct to an extent, but a business that is focused on providing the best experience to its clients is always preferred by the clients since they can navigate the store without any issues.

Your BigCommerce store must be such that your client is kept up to date with their order statuses, provided with the latest product offerings, and answer all of their business queries as soon as possible. If you focus on your client and provide them with the best experience, your business will grow.

You can provide your clients with the best user experience by providing them with a well-managed store interface, quality search results, organized categories, and menus to make their experience on the store such that they are focused on their business goal and not on figuring out how to navigate on the store. 

Providing a great user experience will also make sure that the store can reduce customer queries and make them self-dependent. The ease of use will increase your order placement and reduce queries, which is great for businesses that are on the road to growth.

Tactic 7: Ensure successful marketing

B2B businesses require marketing as well. You will need a flywheel for marketing that uses social media to promote the business, provide quality and organic content, leverage outbound sales, and follow up with qualified or potential leads.

Your business may be great at solving B2B problems but your solution is of no use if people are not able to find your business. Io increase your store exposure, you need to utilize marketing so that people become aware of your business. Then you provide them with services that make them a long-term client.

Acquire new customers using marketing and then transform them into regular clients. This is what B2B BigCommerce businesses must focus on. You can create ads for social media, and create a Linkedin to increase your brand growth. Promote your business around your niche and make a successful brand.


To ensure the success of your BigCommerce store, you must hire a Bigcommerce development company to set your store on the path of growth. It is best to utilize the salesforce commerce cloud development to help scale the business for growth and store the business data safely and make it accessible for your store.

To ensure scalability for your BigCommerce store, remember to follow the 7 tactics which will make your BigCommerce store successful and also ensure scalability for the store.

  • Provide authentic product data to your clients for transparency.
  • Utilize integration solutions to automate business flows.
  • Maintain separate business accounts for your B2B clients.
  • Provide accurate calculations for taxes, shipping, and total costs.
  • Make sure the user experience is such that clients find it easy to navigate your store.
  • Provide multiple payment options such as pay orders, and issue a line of credit.
  • Run successful marketing campaigns to build brand awareness.