7 Best DIY Tips For Car Detailing

Apart from owning a home, marrying and getting married, and building a career, buying a car is the next important step in one’s life. It is also one of the largest investments you can make. That is why you should protect it in any way possible not to lose it. Detailing your car is one of the most effective ways to protect your investment.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours only to pay someone to detail your car. Today, thanks to technological advancements, DIY car detailing is far simpler than it has ever before. And even if the concept is new to you can still do it like an expert on your first attempt. All you need is just one online tutorial and the right service like scrubs car detailing, and you are good to go.

In this article, you will discover the 7-best DIY tips for car detailing but, first, you need to know what it is and why you need to do it.


What is DIY Car Detailing?

Most people assume that car washing is the same as car detailing, but this is not true. Although they both refer to cleaning, the difference between them is significant.

In simple terms, car washing means cleaning your car to remove mud, salt, dust, and other forms of dirt stuck on the surface of your car’s paint and underneath it. Hardly does it include the inside.

On the other hand, a car detail means cleaning too, but the purpose is to make it look new both inside and outside. It is more like a factory reset on your car.

  • Why Is It Important?

There are several reasons why you should detail your car. These are

  • To boost the value of your car.
  • For your health
  • It makes you look good and professional.
  • To save money
  • To extend the lifespan of your car.
  • Its more convenient
  • It makes you feel good, and the list continues.

Now that you know more about car detailing, you can use the tips below to maximize your benefits.


DIY Car Detailing- The Exterior

When detailing your car on the outside, protecting the paint on it should be your top priority. Things you will need to consider include,


  • Regularly Washing Your Car

The sun and dirt are the two greatest enemies to your paint. Wash it as frequently as possible to prevent damage. That could be monthly, weekly, or even daily. The more frequent you do it, the better it is.


  • Decontaminate Your Car’s Paints Surface

Over some time, all cars do develop contamination on their paint surface due to air pollution. When that happens, you will notice that your paint will become rough and gritty. Decontaminate your paint regularly to get the most from your car detail.


  • Waxing or Sealing your Car’s Paints Surface

Bothe waxing and sealing are the same in terms of their application polishing your paint. The only difference is that car wax can be either in liquid form or paste.

Sealant, on the other hand, is either in liquid form or a spray.

So how often should you wax or apply a sealant to your car? Well, that will depend on your model and the products you use.


  • Polishing Your Paint

Those who like shortcuts will go for waxing to try and polish their cars. They forget that wax will only hide the stains and boost your paint. Waxing will only benefit you if your car paint is in good condition.


DIY Car Detailing- The Interior

Consider the following options when detailing the inside of your car.


  • Cleaning Your Dashboard and Console

Of course, there are so many products you can buy to clean your dashboard and console. But for your DIY option, all you need to make a simple but effective solution is

  1. Water- 2 cups
  2. White vinegar- 1 tablespoon
  3. Dish soap- 1 teaspoon

Put the three in a spray bottle, then shake it well to mix. You can use this solution on almost all surfaces inside your car, but to be safe, test it before using it. Also, avoid using it to clean your leather seats.


  • Deep-Clean Your Carpet and Upholstery

Your carpet and upholstery can carry so much dust or dirt because they allow dust to settle inside their fiber. You will need a carpet cleaning machine to pull out all the dirt and keep your carpet clean. The machine sprays water combined with a cleaning agent, and then it sucks all the dirt out into a reservoir.


  • Cleaning Your Leather Upholstery

If you have leather upholstery, you might want to purchase a leather-cleaning kit to stay in your car. You might think this is too much, but it’s not. Leather is sensitive, stains easily, and the worst part is that the longer they stay without cleaning, they get more permanent. Some of them will only need 24 hours or even less. Carrying the kit with you everywhere you drive allows you to get rid of the stains as soon as they happen. Follow these steps to clean your leather,

  1. Use a conditioner to pretreat
  2. Apply the ink lifter on the pretreated surface, then rub it to let it enter.
  3. Wait for at least 30 seconds, then use a clean cloth to wipe it out.
  4. Now apply both the leather cleaner and protection cream.



As you can see, detailing your car is not as hard as you may think. If this is your first time doing it, consider this as your tutorial.


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