6 ways to get ahead in your career

While some people are content with just doing the job and making enough living, others thrive on getting ahead in their careers. They have bigger goals, bigger aspirations, and bigger dreams.

However, just wanting to get ahead in your career is not enough, you also need to work on it. Whereas everyone has their unique success stories, there are certain guidelines that can be of help.

6 ways to get ahead in your career

In case you are having a harder time finding affordable career coaching, you can follow the following guidelines to work on getting ahead in your career:

Work on visibility

It is vital that you work on being visible in your company; unless your seniors know who you are, how will they notice you? And there are enough ways in which to catch the attention of the higher-ups.

For example, try to volunteer for more projects so your name is mentioned more frequently, try being present at company events, make sure to have a good online presence, and do not shy away from owning your achievements.

Keep learning and growing

Most fields are not static; they continuously grow and evolve. And if you want to get ahead, you must also learn and grow. Therefore, do not disband your journey of learning new skills.

While some companies ask their employees to get training, if your company does not, you must take the initiative to learn new things yourself.

Furthermore, it also helps to learn things that are not technically your domain, but relevant to your field. For example, if you work in sales, knowing the skills required for marketing can be of major help.

Be dependable

If you are flaky, it is harder for the team to trust you and rely on you. Thus, be sure to be dependable. Respect the deadlines and try to be punctual. If you are unable to deliver, let the stakeholders know in time.

Volunteer for projects

Volunteering helps in reflecting your eagerness, and therefore, conveys your drive to grow and learn to your seniors. Alongside allowing you to learn new things, it also gets you more exposure. Furthermore, volunteering for projects allows you to become more visible, network more and become a more prominent member of the team.


Networking is perhaps the most vital skill that anyone should invest in. Knowing the relevant people is key to getting ahead in your career.

Therefore, do not shy away from social events, but actively participate in them. Be jovial with everyone in your team and company. Meet people from your field often and learn from everyone.

Consult a career coach

It also helps to consult a professional for specific guidelines regarding what skills you should be investing into, what mistakes to fix, and how to improve your outlook for better performance.

Moreover, career coaches also provide counsel over resume writing and networking, so you can get ahead in your industry, and not just your company. Some coaches are also qualified as mental health professionals, so can also offer help over issues like depression that present due to career issues. For to find such healthcare professionals that offer career support and depression counseling in Dubai, you can consult Fitcy Health.