6 Ways To Drive Florist Marketing Through Social Media

Social media is a fancy place to be in. Several businesses are striving to make a place and this makes social media channels highly competitive. In floral marketing, you must identify the ways that can drive business through social media channels, thereby adding new customers to your list.

Here are 6 ways to boost your business growth via social media channels.

  1. Keep posting new things

Take a look at the already successful florist businesses around you. They are always posting on social media. Similarly, try posting pictures of the in-season flowers, a bouquet you created, creative arrangements, tips & tricks, DIY floral gifts, and happenings at your floral shop. When you start posting, focus on building your presence on social media channels rather than making your posts perfect.

  • Make yourself easily available

While you keep your audience high on content, you cannot just let them fall through the cracks due to accessibility issues. Make yourself accessible in the simplest way possible. In other words, let your customers find your contact easily once they like your product. Put your flora website info on your social media profiles, post your email or even your WhatsApp contact. You can also use WhatsApp business and redirect your customers to the WhatsApp account from other social media channels.

Also, if you have a floral shop don’t forget to mention the contact number and the address.

  • Deliver content consistently

If you want your social media marketing to pay off, consistent nurturing is necessary. So, deliver content regularly, but not for the sake of it. Prepare your content beforehand and they post it across your channels daily.

Post pictures, blogs, behind-the-scenes reels, making arrangement videos, etc. You can also share blogs and articles about the latest industry updates.

  • Share customer stories

Most customers today check the business reviews before placing an order. They check the experiences of other customers. The reviews convey the quality of your product and services.

To build a trustworthy bond, share your customer stories across social media platforms. Ask your customers to provide reviews for your product and service. It is important to post your customer success stories to make people trust you more and to attract long-term customers.

  • Use relevant hashtags for your post

When posting on social media, use relevant hashtags to reach a wider set of audience. For example, when posting blog content, use hashtags about the blog topic like #floristPOS, #flowersinseason, #flowershopinFlorida, etc. It will help you reach your target audience in an improved way.

Further, you can also create unique hashtags related to your brand and ask customers to use them in their reviews. They can also follow the hashtag for more content.

  • Tell your brand story

Though you may take inspiration from the florist brands around you, stick to your unique brand identity. Be authentic in your posts and content. Make posts about the USP of your business. It will attract your target audience more.

Moreover, showcase your aesthetic in every picture you share. Let your customers get an idea of your brand and create an image that’s unique to you.

Besides social media marketing, florist SEO in content and websites can also help florist businesses to drive traffic to their website and new customers too.