6 Ways Edibles Are Better Than Smoking Weed

The world of cannabis is already very diverse, and it is still expanding by the day. With more countries legalizing the herb and evidence of its benefits coming to light, weed is becoming increasingly popular. People are using it now for recreational and medicinal reasons. Given the growing demand for weed, the methods of using the herb are also multiplying. While smoking is the age-old method of using weed, edibles are the latest addition.

Are you planning to try weed but can’t decide between edibles and smoking? Dive right in to find out how edibles are a better choice when compared to smoking weed.

What are edibles?

Before you try to understand the difference between the two methods, it is better to know what edibles are and how they work. Edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. You can find many edibles on the market, like – gummy bears, chocolates, cookies, brownies, coffee, and even beer. The ones who like to experiment can also make edibles in the kitchen by adding cannabis oil or even dried herbs to their favorite food or drink.

How can you smoke weed?

Weed or cannabis has been around for centuries when people smoked the herb to enjoy its therapeutic benefits. It is the oldest and one of the most convenient methods of using weed. You can roll the herb into a blunt or joint and smoke it to inhale the cannabinoids. If you reside in an area where growing cannabis is legal, you can grow plants using high-grade Effects of delta-8-THC.

How are edibles better than smoking weed?

Whether you are only a beginner or have become a pro-weed user, it can be a daunting task to find the right method. If you’re wondering why you should choose edibles over smoking, here are six compelling points to help you decide:

1. It is a healthier alternative:

When you decide to smoke a joint, the process involves combustion or burning of the plant matter. It releases toxic chemicals or carcinogens that you inhale while smoking. It can adversely impact your health and lead to many health issues. Edibles are gaining popularity since they don’t involve any combustion or release of harmful toxins. You can even make healthy edibles like salads, shakes, or smoothies.

2. Absorbed through the stomach:

In the case of edibles, you consume the food or beverage, and it goes straight into your stomach. Here the food is digested and metabolized by the liver, and the cannabinoids then travel through different body parts through bloodstreams. On the contrary, when you inhale the smoke, the cannabinoid THC, which induces a euphoric high, goes straight into your brain. If you don’t want an instant buzzing hit, edibles are a better choice.

3. Prolonged effects:

While one can feel the effects of smoking weed instantly, they also fade away very quickly. Since the body first has to digest the edible, it can take 30-60 minutes to feel the effects. The effects can also last for 4-12 hours because of the way edibles are metabolized. You can enjoy the benefits, be it recreational or medicinal, for a prolonged time with edibles.

4. Offers a wide variety:

If you want to customize your smoking experience, there are not many options available. You can choose a different strain or rolling paper, but the basic smoking experience remains the same. Unlike other methods, edibles offer a lot of variety. Whether you want to buy edibles from a store or make your own, the options available for you are endless. You can choose an edible based on your taste preferences and enjoy weed in a delicious way.            

5. Discreet method:

Smoking can subject you to a lot of frowns or glances, especially if you are in public. On top of that, the smell of smoke can stay with you for a long time and affect the people around you. If you’re looking for a discreet method, edibles can be ideal for you. They look like any other regular food or drinks and allow you to enjoy the goodness of weed without letting anyone know about it.

 6. Easy to control doses:

It can become extremely challenging to keep a tab on the number of cannabinoids entering your body when you smoke. While you can regulate the weed dose, it is impossible to know how much CBD or THC you are inhaling with every hit. With edibles, you get a regulated dose of cannabinoids. A majority of edibles have the exact dosage written on them, and you can easily control it. If you are making edibles at home, it becomes even easier to regulate the dose of weed you’re ingesting.  

Final thoughts

The method of ingesting weed can significantly impact the effects it can have on you. While smoking can give you instant results, edibles are a discreet, safe, and effective option. If you’re planning to try edibles, now is the time to get your hands on these alternative foods.