6 Ways A Construction Claim Consultant Can Help You In Project Management


Disputes and challenges are a part of construction projects irrespective of their size. These disputes may happen due to multiple reasons such as monetary issues, increase in price, failing to meet demands, unavailability of required tools, materials, etc. The most practical step to avoid any hurdle or downtime is to adopt preventive measures.

Specific ways allow you to prevent construction claims’ arousal, among which hiring a consultant is the most reliable. A construction claim consultant is a person who helps to minimize the issues or claims that might occur during a running project.

What is Construction Claim in Project Management?

Project management is the art of directing resources throughout the life of a project. A project manager has to coordinate using modern techniques to achieve project goals central to time, money, quality, and scope. In the context of construction, the project manager utilizes the same principles for the on-going building project. Naturally, it handles the planning and coordination of construction projects, whether industrial, commercial, civil or otherwise.

Challenges that happen in construction projects give rise to claims. A construction claim is a request by either party of the contract to compensate for any damage caused. The claim happens by the failure of one party to fulfill the obligations specified in the contract. The most familiar cause of a construction claim is additional payment or extension of time (EOT).

Industry experts consider construction claims as to the most unpleasant part of project management. As the complexity and prices continue to rise, project managers must take every precaution to avoid unnecessary claims. Contractors generally face a burden to complete the project in given resources with more risks involved. Under such circumstances, there is no surprise that construction claims rise considerably.

Handling Construction Claims

It is ideal to hire construction claims consultants, as they are the ones who oversee the issues and disputes within the construction industry. These professionals play a very crucial role when it comes to handling claims during the project tenure. These experts have knowledge of the construction sector and engineering aspects to help with any project-related matter. These consultants know the construction industry’s nook and cranny and help prevent any legal trouble before they arise. There are six ways in which construction claim consultants can assist in project management. These include:

Construction claim consultants play a leading role in handling legal matters related to construction projects and civil engineering. Based on their experience in the construction sector, these consultants know the nature of issues that might turn into legal matters. They understand the care procedures and know the best practices very well.

Construction claim consultants are experts to build a defense case. You can hire them when you find yourself at the wrong end of the matter. On the other hand, they can also design a prosecution case by pinpointing the construction company’s errors. With the best knowledge at hand, these professionals are the best choice to analyze missteps in a project. These experts analyze the cases of negligence, which is the most common role associated with these consultants.

Ensuring Safety and Security

In addition to their role in handling a legal matter, construction claim consultants also ensure the project’s safety. They have a keen eye for identifying and pointing the weak spots in project management. They anticipate issues that others fail to determine and develop ways to mitigate them before they become too challenging to handle.

They have a license to implement best practices according to safety rules and regulations that ensures maximum protection for the project and human resources on site. Hiring a consultant’s services gives you an assessment of issues that may arise later in the project development.

Handling Bond and Defect Claims

Private contractors and construction companies have the right to demand surety through bonds to ensure each party delivers as per the contract. The construction industry works under several bonds, also known as contracts or surety bonds. Construction claim consultants use these bonds to claim against a party that breaches the contract. Similarly, these professionals also handle construction defect claims due to poor design, material, or artisanship.

These defects can range from foundation cracks to a leaking roof or corroded piping. They can cause significant damage to the project in terms of monetary value and reputation. Claim consultants take preventive measures by ensuring effective quality care practices to prevent defects from happening.

Catering Breach of Contract

Another way construction consultants help project managers is by dealing with issues related to breach of contract. In simple terms, it is the failure to perform on the promise without any excuse. For instance, if the breach of contract is related to monetary damages, then the other party holds the legal right to take action and file a complaint.

Allegations made can involve various parties like contractors, designers, owners, etc., for project tasks. Construction claim consultants study the case and come with a solution to resolve the issue. They also ensure that one party receives the compensation according to the contract.

Worksite injuries and accidents are a common phenomenon in a construction project. Usually, these injuries can range from those of minor importance to fatal accidents. Mishandling these injury-related issues may lead to significant project downtimes and loss of money, time, and effort. It is vital to have an expert professional who can handle all these issues against the complaints filed according to legal limitations. Consultants ensure the development and implementation of safety standards to safeguard the health and well-being of workers and everybody involved.

They Ensure Timely Resolution of Disputes

Disputes within the team are a natural part of any construction project that needs the timely resolution to avoid downtime. The expertise of claim consultants enables them to solve conflicts the moment they occur. The consultants ensure the absolute fulfillment of the needs of both contractors and clients. They establish a proper communication channel that ensures timely issue resolution and keeps the project management on track.

Final Word

Construction claim consultants are the experts who have to resolve issues not identified or addressed by project managers. Their role is to ensure that the allocated resources are put to the best use while avoiding construction mistakes during the project tenure. Their role, as mentioned, includes some of the most common activities to keep the project on track. They have the expertise to handle all types of issues that may arise and resolve them.