6 Visual Web Designs Tips to Make Your Website Stand out

It is a constant challenge for web designers to make a website stand out. Designers face constant challenges as design trends evolve and fade, making it difficult to know which trends work and which ones are just relics from a past era. Let’s take a look at some of the current web design trends that will give your website a visual punch.

1. Storytelling

Engaging your readers through a tried and true strategy, storytelling is one of many ways to make your web design memorable.

All the elements make a brand stand out: a well-structured visual hierarchy of headlines, content, and copy that guides the reader on their journey, as well as personal copy that describes the company’s history and high-impact visuals that showcase the brand’s polished image. Denver web designer will help you to understand web design properly

All aspects of the site design, including the navigation and content as well as scroll-triggered animations, were designed to support the story being shared. Although this is an extreme example, you can find a middle way between the two and create a unique story that fits into your site’s existing design.

2. Retro Style

Retro design is very hot right now. It could be that we are nostalgic for a past time, or that we are tired of the same old design trends littering the internet. But brands can still make a statement with a more traditional approach to web design. Retro-inspired logos and typography are common, as well as vintage photos and retro-inspired web design. But you could also reinvent your entire website to appeal to retro nostalgia.

3. Full-screen Video

We see more brands using video content on their homepages and landing pages. While video content is becoming a standard, it’s becoming increasingly important. It’s easy for anyone to understand why. Video content is one of many tools in the visual toolbox. Some claim that the right landing page video can increase conversions by up to 80%.

However, not every video is right. This will require some thought. Will the video auto play, or click-to-play? What place will you put your video CTA How long should your video be? Remember these points and remember that video is just one step. Refining, optimization, and testing are the next steps.

4. Minimalism

We also have minimalism on the topic of going big. The counter to minimalism, minimalism in web design pushes in-your-face imagery, bright colors, jarring layouts, and contrasting styles. It’s a bold style that works well for modern, young brands that don’t mind making bold statements. Minimalism has been a success in 2019 and will continue to grow as more brands break away from minimalism’s “best practices” guidelines and are more creative with their design choices.

5. Outlandish Typography

While this could be considered a continuation of minimalism it also stands out as an emerging trend. Brands are moving beyond the traditional and modest and are experimenting with bold typography, extravagant themes, and large text blocks. These words break the paint-by-numbers boundaries of many websites. Take a look at Milkshake as an example. The site goes against the traditional web design logic and uses bold typography instead to create unique, eye-catching designs.

These styles should not be taken too far, as we have already mentioned. The ease of your website’s navigation can be affected greatly by the choice you make in typography. However, if you take the time to consider your UX and ensure that your design choices don’t compromise your brand’s image; this can make your brand stand out.

6. Monochromatic Design

Your website will stand out if you experiment with color. This is especially true for monochromatic design, where one color is used on the page. These are not including the black/white neutrals this creates a strong presence. They also integrated images into their color scheme by giving their photos a soft red tint that blends seamlessly with the overall layout.

Make Your Visual Design stand out

Many of these trends point to an emerging goal of web design – not being afraid or able to stand out from the crowd! Many brands worry about conforming to accepted best practices and are afraid to experiment with design. The best visual web design depends on creativity, innovation, and bold choices. These issues are important to remember and allow your brand’s image to shine through.