6 Tips To Help You Select The Best Matcha Tea Company

No wonder it’s becoming the next coffee. Matcha tea shares a market size of more than USD 2.5 billion! As of 2024, with the rising interest in healthy living, experts expect matcha tea consumptions to rise above 190 Kgs. 


With all this interest, many companies want to get in on the action, and sadly they might not have enough funds to provide people with the best quality matcha. What’s even sad is the fact that greedy businessmen charge premium prices for low-grade matcha tea. That’s why, as a consumer, you need to be aware of how you can select the right company for your green health booster:

  • Look for a vibrant green color

The tell-tale sign of great matcha tea is the green color. You’d be surprised how many times we’ve come across the dull brown-looking powder. If you are shopping online, look at the product images. If a company sells great matcha, why would they shy away from uploading great pictures of their product?

If the green color looks too saturated, however, know that it is photoshopped. This is why you can’t take away just one tip. You need to look for all six tips to know for certain you’re buying the right product.

  • Look for the place of origin

Sure, matcha tea leaves are cultivated worldwide, but Japanese matcha tea is the best kind. Its slightly sweet yet subtle flavor that everyone raves about is because of the cultivating process in Japan. Uji and Nishio in Japan are the top names in Japanese cultivated matcha.

  • Look for purity

Many people adulterate the tea with filler ingredients like sugar, artificial or natural additives, or even flavorings. Ensure you buy 100% pure matcha tea.

  • Look for the right price

This is the diciest place as brands price it differently. The reason we included this step was to remind you that just because you may pay a premium price need not mean you get a premium product. A fair price after our research concluded that you could get ceremonial grade matcha tea at a rate of even 1$ a gram.

  • Look for the reviews

As with all forms of shopping, you have to look at the customer reviews. If you’re buying matcha powder from a good company, know that they would gladly boast about their good reviews. Please do your research and skip the brands that don’t put in the effort to highlight their testimonials.

  • Look for the owner

Sometimes, certain brands might not have allocated their budget to marketing, so their website might skip out on the required information. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to a company via e-mail. A brand that ensures they have ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Japan would be thrilled to answer all your questions. 

Our suggestion is you don’t settle for culinary-grade matcha tea when you can get a ceremonial-grade matcha tea at a fairly reasonable price. So as you prepare yourself a great cup of matcha tea, know that you’re doing the best for your health when you follow the six tips we shared.