6 Home Remedies For Neck Pain

We all know the agony of waking up with a tight neck. It is nearly hard to move the head even the tiniest amount due to the severe pain. Being bothered by Memorial Area neck pain all day is quite frustrating and makes even the most minor work seem difficult.

Sometimes, neck pain may accompany numbness, headaches, stiffness, and trouble swallowing. Most of the time,  neck discomfort is brought on by poor sleeping positions, stress, tension, or poor bodily postures.

Here are home remedies to heal neck pain;

1.                  Application of heat and ice

Applying ice and heat to the neck is the primary at-home treatment. It is effortless to follow this. To relieve the stiffness in the neck, use ice, either directly or in an ice bag. You should use ice for the first two to three hours; then, use heat. You can use hot compresses, heated packs, or hot showers to impart heat.

2.                  Massaging the neck

Neck massages provide immediate comfort. You can test out this treatment and decide for yourself. Rubbing the painful area can benefit from any form of massage. The secret is to locate the sore places and press on them. The only thing we must remember is to always focus the massage motions toward the heart. If too much pressure is exerted in the wrong direction, heart valves may get damaged away from the heart.

3.                  Stretching exercises

you can relieve the tightness and stiffness in the neck with a few gentle stretching exercises and yoga positions. Some of these stretches include lowering your ears to your shoulders, pressing both shoulders at the shoulder blades, turning your shoulders backward, pulling your head back, etc. Try these simple exercises to see if they help you with your discomfort.

4.      Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an effective home treatment for a stiff neck. ACV’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are believed to relieve stress and muscular discomfort.

Use it by putting a napkin or tissue that has been dipped in apple cider vinegar on your neck. For an hour, keep the napkin in the same place. At least twice a day, do it again.

5.      Turmeric

Turmeric, commonly referred to as Haldi, and the substances made from it have anti-inflammatory qualities (anti-inflammatory property). Adding a little turmeric powder to warm milk and drinking it may treat neck discomfort. You may add little water to it to produce a semisolid paste, which you can apply to the neck.

6.      Camphor

Camphor has been a component in the preparation of several balms. It has long been used to treat pain, particularly arthritic and muscular discomfort, which frequently results in neck pain. Camphor’s ability to block pain receptors is what causes it to have pain-relieving properties. In one of the investigations, its effect was observed to offer long-term pain alleviation. Camphor is available as oil for application over the neck.

Neck pain may be quite uncomfortable and limit our daily activities. It can result from excessive screen time, bad posture, or improper stretching during exercise. If your neck pain does not go away after trying the home remedies, consult your doctor for further treatment.

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