6 Good Reasons Why You Should Have EDC Flashlight

If you have a smartphone, you might need clarification as to why you also need to carry a flashlight. When your phone already has a flashlight, why carry one around? However, many photographers still purchase cameras, and many still go out to lunch with friends even though FaceTime is available for many of the same reasons.

Smartphones are capable of much, yet they frequently need to catch up when performing tasks that go above and beyond the bare minimum. Here are some advantages of EDC flashlights that will help you decide if you should carry a flashlight.

  1. Increased Lighting Efficiency

EDC flashlights outperform phone flashlights in several ways. A phone flashlight’s standard flood beam is only effective at lighting up a small area nearby. However, many small flashlights can be carried in a pocket and have beams illuminating a space from a few feet to 1,000 feet away.

  • While some smartphones can now adjust the brightness of the light emitted, the majority only emit a maximum of roughly 50 lumens. OLight Arkfeld EDC flashlights are available in a variety of brightness outputs. For instance, the OLight EDC flashlight has 5 brightness settings with a max of 1000 lumens and 2 color temperatures. EDC flashlights provide significantly better light distribution and longer beam throws than phone flashlights.
  1. Instant Illumination

Even though phones are becoming better at making it simpler to activate the flashlight instantly, some still hide this feature behind a lock screen. Phone works very fine when you don’t require direct light, but fumbling with a passcode will only do the trick when you do.

Additionally, using touch displays when wearing gloves or with unclean or wet hands is practically difficult. EDC flashlights are instantly activated to provide instantaneous light.

  1. Battery Performance

Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about your phone’s battery if you use an everyday carry flashlight instead of the flashlight on your phone. Instead of choosing between battery life and light output or vice way, you may use an EDC flashlight to illuminate the desired area while saving your phone’s battery life for calls, texts, GPS navigation, and other uses. Numerous flashlights have exterior battery level indicators that tell you if your battery is running low or long-lasting. With alternatives for rechargeable EDC flashlights like the OLight accessible, you can be sure you’ll always have a light. You can get your OLight Arkfeld automatically charged thanks to its magnetic charging wire. 

  1. It’s Simple to Multitask

When doing that, it can be challenging to use a smartphone for anything other than a flashlight. It could be impossible, depending on what you’re trying to do. Being prepared with an EDC flashlight frees up your phone, so you can use it for more crucial tasks like making calls or conducting internet searches.

Even EDC flashlights have magnetic bases, allowing for completely hands-free use by attaching the flashlight to something nearby and illuminating a space. Additionally, using a portable EDC flashlight might be simpler if you find yourself in confined spaces than a larger, broader smartphone.

  1. Inexpensive to Replace

Smartphones are an investment, and replacing one may be very costly. You risk losing your phone if you drop a smartphone when trying to illuminate a tight place. Other possible consequences include a cracked screen and internal component damage. It might be expensive to repair a phone after a fall. Depending on the damage, you should submit your phone to an expert for repair. A flashlight is a practical and economical solution when you work in environments where you risk dropping or damaging your light. Compared to replacing a smartphone, replacing an EDC flashlight is much more affordable and simple.

  1. Sturdy

EDC flashlights are used in environments where utilizing a phone might impair functionality, such as dusty or rainy situations. While water and grime might harm a phone, an EDC flashlight made well will keep working as intended. Numerous EDC flashlights are made to endure drops, extremely high or low temperatures, and even submerged in water for up to two meters. 

Final Verdict

You may find yourself in the dark more often than necessary due to the many drawbacks and difficulties of utilizing your phone as a flashlight. You may have a dependable, handy light wherever you go and anytime you need one if you include an EDC flashlight in your everyday carry equipment.

In an emergency, an EDC flashlight is a valuable tool. It does function exceptionally well, unlike a phone, and that is all it is intended to do. When they start carrying EDC flashlights, many are shocked by how frequently they use them. Despite their many benefits, cell phones are frequently cumbersome regarding illumination. Because of the hassle of utilizing the cell phone flashlight, people frequently go without illumination when it is dark. Your lighting problems are easily solved with an EDC flashlight. Arkfeld can be an unbeatable option for an EDC flashlight thanks to its excellent design and variety of lighting options.