6 Easy Ways To Know Which Weed Is Suitable For You

The first time buying weed can be difficult, mostly when you are confused about which one is right for you. Whether you are buying online or from a specialty store, you will find different varieties that make it more confusing. What’s more, with several applications, choices, benefits, and potential uses, it can be challenging to find the right strain. But, with the proper knowledge, you will be able to categorize, identify, and narrow down your choices. The best ways through which you can locate a suitable strain is by considering; 

  • Weed categories.
  • Application.
  • Weed terpenes.
  • Your tolerance.
  • CBD ratio in the weed.
  • Weed availability.

While there is no specific type of weed that would suit everyone’s needs, analyzing the parameters listed above will bring you closer to finding the right weed for you.

Understanding weed categories.

Different types of weed provide variations in terms of presence, concentration, growth capabilities, and flavanoids. Therefore, you will have to understand the differences in each category of cannabis, thus helping you identify which one suits your purpose the best. There are three weed categories, which include Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. 


This weed category contains a considerable amount of THC, which induces psychosis and provides a user’s euphoric feeling. They interact with the brain and the nervous system to boost energy, improve creativity, and reduce anxiety.  


This is almost the complete opposite of the Sativa variety. They offer the user a calming and relaxing benefit from its dominance in CBD. Unlike the other categories, Indica variety helps relieve pain, help with insomnia, reduce anxiety, and so much more. However, when you are new to the cannabis industry, you will want to buy from a reliable and trustworthy seller. 

Hybrid weed.

This is the most common type of weed available in retail and online stores. It is a healthy combination of the Sativa and Indica varieties, providing a balance in the two strains’ extreme effects. For its high potency, hybrid weed provides a problem-specific alternative for users. For example, some can be used during the day-time to help a user relax without inducing sleep.  

If you are confused about choosing suitable cannabis, start with understanding the various categories and products that suit your purpose. Or if you want to cultivate it you can look for the best quality lab tested marijuana seeds.

Weed Application.

While there are several ways to use weed, it is right to understand the purpose of using it and thus be able to make the right choice. The application of weed also plays a crucial role in its legality in your state. While most states legalize cannabis, it is widely used for medicinal purposes. Here are some of the applications that weed serve the purpose;

 Weed for recreational purposes.

If you are one of the people looking to tap into the recreational benefits of weed, you will have to choose a rich strain in THC. It could also incorporate a mild concentration of CBD. While THC initiates psychoactive and euphoric effects, CBD calms the effects’ intensity to give a soothing and smooth experience. 

Weed for medicinal purposes.

If you are looking for medicinal weed, you will want to choose one with a higher concentration of CBD. This type of weed is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, analgesic, and much more. It offers health benefits that include treating ailments such as arthritis, sclerosis, joint pains, cancer symptoms, etc. You can find various professionals claiming that shrooms or any other medicinal mushrooms is comparatively better for these ailments, but you need to be crystal clear in your mind before choosing any.

Weed can treat mental health problems.

Weed strains can help treat a myriad of mental health ailments. However, the best weed for this purpose needs to be dominant with CBD and little to no THC. This type of weed is not psychoactive and brings about a desired behavior in the user. Some of these ailments include depression, PTSD, anxiety, and so much more. 

Weed Terpenes.

These are the flavoring agents in a cannabis plant. They add taste, flavor, and aroma to the plant. Even though they are mostly neglected as flavoring compounds, they complement the health benefits that CBD offers. The most common type of weed terpene is the Limonene, which gives a refreshing, zesty flavor similar to that of a lemon or a grapefruit. Besides adding flavoring to the cannabis, terpenes offer an energy boost and improve user mood changes.  Even more, when combined with THC, they provide strong psychoactive and euphoric effects that relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. 

Choosing the right terpene can influence your experience with Cannabis by eliminating the idea that weed has an intolerant smell. This equally will help you decide which is weed is right for you.

Your tolerance.

Your experience with weed can be a helpful point to identify a suitable strain. While some users will develop tolerance to THC over time, some might find it uncomfortable and intense, especially for new users. However, such people might need a stronger THC concentration to enjoy the ‘high’ and other potential benefits. 

It is advisable to choose Strains that are rich or high in CBD for their calming, enjoyable, and relaxing effects. 

CBD to THC Ratios.

Ratios are essential here to determine the benefits you reap from a specific cannabis product. These ratios could be in the form listed below; 

  • 0:1 – This is a pure CBD strain that is THC dominant. Even though it has psychoactive effects, it can reduce inflammation, elevate appetite, and be sedative. 
  • 1:2 – Even though this strain is THC dominant, it has a lower concentration of CBD, which has a calming effect and will help treat pain, muscle cramps, inflammation, and much more. 
  • 1:1 – This strain has an equal concentration of THC and CBD. It can be helpful to manage chronic disorders such as insomnia, arthritis, tremors, and others.
  • 2:1 – This one is relatively dominant in CBD and has relaxing and healing properties to treat autoimmune disorders, psoriasis, and others. 
  • 1:0 – This is a pure CBD strain that is mostly used to treat mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others. 

Depending on these ratios, you should be able to identify which weed is suitable for you. 

Weed Availability.

When choosing a suitable weed, you want to identify one that is easily accessible when you need it. Consider the online stores and dispensaries where your particular strain is commercially available. If the specific Strain is not available, you can always find an alternate weed strain for use. 

While these are the tips to identify the right weed, you need to do your research to understand each strain’s benefits and how it influences your experience with weed.