6 best things to do in Kinston Jamaica

Kingston is the capital and culture center of Jamaica. There is so much to do, eat, and see in Kingston Jamaica. You can easily go to other popular places of Jamaica from Kingston. 

You can visit Kingston throughout the year but the best time to visit Jamaica is from Mid December to April. If you are a budget traveler then visit it in October or November. Here are the best things to do in Kingston Jamaica.

1. Bar Hopping 

Bar hopping means to visit and drink at various bars in the course of an evening Jamaica is one of the rum capital of the world and Kingston is one of the best places to explore the country’s Bar scenes. Get to know a few of the friendly locals for more information on the most current event happening in the city and remember to drink responsibly.

2. Tour Port Royal 

Once known as the wickedest city in the world. Port royal is famed for being the pirate and shipping capital of the Caribbean during the 17th and 18th centuries famous plunderers like Capital Henry Morgan Blackbeard and Calico Jack all visited the city on numerous occasions seeking refuge from law enforcement and gathering supplies for upcoming journeys.

In 1692, half the city sank after a devastating earthquake but remnants of Pirates, Admirals, and battles still remain in the architecture and rusty cannons that skill keep watch at Fort Charles.

3. Beaches in Fort Clarence 

This is one of the awesome places in Jamaica because it is not overly crowded like a lot of the ones that are closer to the city. You can just chill, relax, the water is beautiful. It is a perfect beach for getting away from all the stresses.

One of the cool things about Fort Clarence beach is you can get some really good fried and steamed fish here freshly caught from the ocean. So, if you go to Fort Clarence Beach make sure you stop at the fish shack and get some of the fried fish and that is how you eat here in Jamaica at the beach.


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