5 Ways To Increase Your Brand Value Using Social Media

Today social media for businesses is not just about paid ads and posting content. Instead, social media for businesses and marketers alike has evolved into a forum for understanding and relating to the audience, establishing communities, creating brand awareness and improving brand value.

According to Sprout Social, the use of social media as a channel for advertising and brand awareness was valued at USD 137 billion in 2021. As much as 85 per cent of all companies and businesses use social media to create brand awareness and increase brand value (Source: SproutSocial, 41 of the most important social media marketing statistics for 2022).

To stay competitive and keep up with the latest social media marketing trends, companies trust white label social media services for more reliable and expert help to further their brand value and increase brand awareness.

This article will look at effective and efficient ways to use social media to increase the brand value of your business.

1. Knowing your audience

Your target audience is people who will need your product the most. So knowing your target audience makes it easy to connect and engage with them on social media channels.

2. Research

A competent white label social marketing team working for your business will give access to better research and analysis tools and more workforce. This access will allow you to gauge the behaviour of your target audience better, the different social media platforms and the time spent on each platform. This will help formulate social media strategies that align with the audience’s behavioural patterns and needs. 

3. Creating compelling content

As Bill Gates famously said, “content is king.” So, after all your research and analytical work, if your social media content fails to impress, your audience will happily scroll past your post. So you will have to deliver engaging and compelling content that will get your business message as eloquently and succinctly as possible with the potential for a powerful impact.

4. Using media influencers

According to Econsultancy, as much as 61 per cent of consumers between the age of 18 to 34 at some point or the other have made their decisions upon the stimulus provided by social media influencers (Source: Econsultancy, Influencer Marketing 2020).

5. Interacting and engaging with the audience

Initiating conversation with your audience is a simple and effective way of improving your brand value. Not only will it increase the awareness of your brand, but an engaging conversation will help you gain valuable insight into your target audience. Moreover, social media is called so for a reason. So being sociable should be first on your list for knowing your target audience better.


Social media marketing for building brand value is much more than posting occasional business content. The audience builds your brand value, so it is very important to get to know them more than they know themselves. And with the right tools and the right white label social media management partner, it is possible. With NonStopWork, you get both. A dedicated team of experienced and qualified professionals adept at using the latest social media marketing and management tools. For more information on the services offered by NonStopWork, you can book a call with them anytime.