5 Ways How you can Become a Successful Scrum Master 

Agile is becoming popular day by day in IT organisations. The role of the scrum master is also becoming more challenging, as organisations adopting the scrum framework for an efficient development process. If you’re looking for a scrum course online, this blog will give you a sneak peek of the scrum master’s duties and responsibilities so, that you can inculcate those qualities in you while doing the scrum course.

Learn Multitasking 

The prime objective of a scrum master should be to facilitate the team during the development process, for this scrum master should not confine himself to his designation. He should be able to play a dual role according to the situation, and a scrum master should increase his area of expertise to facilitate the team in a better way. 

Working beyond your comfort zone will expand your knowledge, and more people in the team will get benefitted from your knowledge and expertise, this will encourage team members also to work beyond their comfort zone. This will increase the team spirit and there will be a lower chance of failure. This tip is also beneficial for those who are looking for product owner course online


The development process is long and intricate, it requires a combined effort of several team members. Always recheck the development before going on to the next stage, this will save lots of time and unnecessary hurdles at a later stage. 

For instance, when a developer completes a code and wants to test the code, a co-developer can review the code first before going to the testing stage. This will increase accountability and increases overall quality.

Reward system 

The main work of the scrum master is to facilitate team members, he works as a coach. As a scrum master, you can implement a reward system in the team to acknowledge and appreciate the work done by the team. You can give a reward to the entire team after achieving the sprint goal, this will boost the spirit of the team and will increase the motivation of team.

Arrange workshops 

As a scrum master, you can arrange various workshops for your team where they can gather knowledge about recent development in the industry. Team members can discuss the various new tools, their use and current architecture. You can arrange these workshops by reserving a certain time of the month or week. This will benefit you in the long run as learned team members can implement new technology in the development process and can solve intricate problems easily.  

Coding Dojo

You can also arrange a coding dojo for the team members, in a coding dojo all team members meet in a room and two team members code the program while others see the development in the projector connected to the programmer’s laptop, after 15 minutes two new members will continue coding while earlier coders will become spectators. Coding dojo helps team members understand the development process in a better way.

What a scrum master should not do 

Always remember scrum master is a facilitator and not a team member, don’t try to overindulge in the development process and restrain from directing the team or from assigning the duties to the team members. Always try to keep communication clear and don’t make any false commitments on the behalf of product owner or team members. Always try to remove impediments so that team can deliver true value to the business.