5 Ways How SMSF Accountants Help Manage Your Account

Setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is one of the best decisions you can make today to ensure a financially secure and peaceful retirement. This fund needs you to follow all the legislations and restrictions scheduled for taxes and fund management. The best way to deal with all these processes efficiently is to appoint an SMSF accountant.

The accountant you choose should be capable of doing his tasks professionally. Also, look for a licensed accountant who can handle every matter carefully and strive to generate the best outcome from your investment. To help you in your decision, here are some advantages to hiring SMSF accountants and how they help:

Set Up an SMSF

As a new SMSF member, understanding the rules and regulations can be challenging for you. Many people do not know what it takes to establish an SMSF, including procedure, rules, risks, benefits, and strategies. SMSF accountant responsibilities involve setting up a bank account and appointing trustees. It would be safer to approach an SMSF accountant rather than risking your retirement savings to save on an accountant fee.

Administer SMSFs

The primary role of an SMSF accountant is to manage accounting affairs. They will keep an updated record of all financial activities and can provide you with timely financial statements whenever needed. SMSF accountants also know the tax return system and ensure the dues are clear. If you have an SMSF accountant, the management and administration of your SMSF becomes convenient and worry-free.

Propose Investment Strategies

SMSF accountants receive proper education and training on designing investment plans using the funds for retired persons. You can seek their advice to develop the most efficient investment plan suitable for your post-retirement life. Having an SMSF accountant relieves you from the stress of investing funds correctly. 

Provide Control Over Funds

If you think an SMSF accountant will keep you unaware of fund status and payments, you need to change your opinion. Hiring an SMSF accountant does not mean losing control over your funds and assets. You will still have full authority over your fund. 

Whether appointing trustees, making a payment or investment, or registering your SMSF, an SMSF accountant assists in the assigned task. While you permit them to make crucial decisions, you are always welcome to give your input and reject the proposal at any time. The transparency is there to satisfy you and let you see the performance of your accountant. From establishing SMSF to retirement, it is up to you how you proceed with your funds.

Handle Tax and Audit Regulations

An SMSF requires you to adhere to certain tax obligations. You can face a loss if the taxes remain unpaid or you fail to fulfill the tax requirements. SMSF accountants have expertise in all areas of taxation. They look for the best solution to reduce the tax amount. The accountant also prepares annual tax reports and keeps the related documentation updated. This way, the tax payment remains uninterrupted, increasing the productivity of your SMSF.


SMSFs are useful for helping you maintain a quality lifestyle after retirement. However, you can choose to appoint an SMSF accountant to make your account easier to manage.