5 Steps to Take if Your House is Affected by a Natural Disaster

The United States and the rest of the world are experiencing several natural disasters. A natural disaster can take many forms, including tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. Although they can happen anywhere on earth, some states are more susceptible to natural disasters than others. When your home is affected by a natural disaster, you may have difficulty getting in touch with family members and friends who live far away. Although many things can go wrong, it is essential to know what to do if your home is not safe enough to return to.

1. Contact a Remediation and Restoration Company

If the damage to your house is extensive, you should contact a company specializing in remediation and restoration. Some things they will help with include removing debris, checking for mold, and ensuring there is no structural damage. They will also ensure that the area is safe for occupation afterward.

2. Ensure that your Utilities are Working

Your utilities may be affected by the storm as well! Make sure that your gas and electricity are turned on and working. Call an electrician to ensure everything is okay with the electrical system in your home. Likewise, a gas technician can check to ensure no damage from a leak or explosion. Call an emergency plumber for emergency service if you run out of gas.

3. Make Sure that your Home is Safe for Occupation

It is possible that some of the damages to your house may not be visible at first glance. Make sure your house is safe for occupation before letting anyone inside. You can use a natural gas leak detector to ensure no leaks in the pipes or around the furnace.

4. Take Pictures and Contact your Insurance Agent

Please take pictures of all the damage and save them on a flash drive or hard copy. Save contact information of all of your employees, insurance agent, and anyone else who will assist you. If possible, contact your insurance company right away. The insurance agent will be able to help you with the repairs to your home.

5. Accept Help from the Red Cross or FEMA

If you must evacuate your home, do it as soon as possible! Many organizations can assist in making sure that people are safe and healthy. These include the American Red Cross and FEMA. Not only will they provide housing for displaced families, but they will also coordinate supplies for food and water, assist with transportation and determine if there is any damage to the area.

Natural disasters can be a very traumatic experience. Not only do they pose a threat to your life, but they also pose a threat to your home and possessions. Although there is no way to prevent a natural disaster, you can take some preventative measures to ensure that it does as minor damage as possible. If you have been affected by a tornado or another type of natural disaster, there is information on FEMA that can help you with the recovery process.