5 steps to choosing the perfect industrial generator

If productivity onyour commercial or industrial site is of utmost importance,then you need superior power generation solutions in Brisbane. A loss of productivity, in one way or another, can lead to a loss of revenues and that’s one of the worst things property managers have to account for. The good news is that a halt of operations can be avoided because there are many industrial generator units at your disposal. You can’t control the weather or the stability of the national grid, but you can ensure that your business is prepared for anything by installing a good quality generator. Choosing a good quality generator isn’t an easy task though because there is a lot to consider. From your unique needs to the best brands for your application type. We’ve put together a short list for you to work with when it comes to purchasing the perfect unit for your business or industrial site.

Finding the perfect generator in 5 steps

1.    Define essential equipment that needs powering

The most important thing is the size of the generator because size dictates a number of things. It dictates how much you’ll pay; how large your unit will be and how powerful it is towards powering your needs. To figure all of this out, we have to start by calculating the amount of power needed to power essential equipment. You’ll have to make a list of the equipment that’s essential to the running of your operation. Whether that is air-conditioning, computer equipment, emergency lighting or otherwise. You will have to individually check the voltage specifications on each item to keep them running continuously and do the calculations to add them up.

2.    How to appropriately fuel your power generation

Different fuel types in industrial generators play a big role in how you manage and maintain the unit. This will determine refuelling strategies, basic function, typical maintenance requirements and much more. Modern industrial generators in Toowoomba and the rest of the Queensland area run on petrol, diesel or gas. This particular step may require the expertise of an expert generator technician because some are better suited for certain industrial conditions. After establishing your property’s specifications and power requirements, they can make a recommendation that balances your budget and the most efficient unit within these boundaries.

3.    Choosing the perfect brand manufacturer for you

There are a couple of names synonymous with reliability in Australia, but that list is very long. You should research the best brands for your unique installation but there are some that are household names. Start by researching Perkins, Generac or Cummins. Please also consider, that the most popular manufacturers may not be the ones making a unit that’s perfect for you. There are a number of brands to choose from that will align with your requirements for budget, noise output requirements, uninterrupted run-time, and overall performance.

4.    Comply with local regulation

One of the main considerations in choosing a generator is finding one that also helps keep you within local code. Whether it relates to pollution or noise pollution, some areas in Queensland have very specific rules about how your generator should operate. Industrial and commercial property owners have to stick to these guidelines because the rules are much stricter. Your generator may have to comply with sound level codes or just have the integration of an automated transfer switch.

5.    A reliable local generator servicing company

It’s all good and well that you’ve taken every step mentioned up until now, but if you do not have a local generator expert on call to help you along the way then that puts you at risk. A licensed professional can help with repairs, maintenance, and any other work to keep your unit functioning at optimum levels. Extending the lifespan of a generator starts with finding a professional. They are the ones that will commit time and effort to protect your investment and even advise you about the best way forward at all times. Maintenance is a key component that the professional will consider when you purchase your generator. Certain manufacturers have strict protocols for their unit and you cannot simply employ anyold technician to deal with emergencies. Choose a generator repairs provider that is proficient in the specifications of the unit you buy and it will make a world of difference.

Generator installation experts in Queensland

While these steps we’ve shared with you are basic guidelines, nothing beats the knowledge and experience of a professional. Get in touch with the team at Reactive Generators and you can benefit from our 50 years of expertise in the business of reliable generator assistance. We can help you with everything from choosing the right wattage size and giving you the go-ahead in cases where you need a more powerful, larger generator. Contact us and we can give your personalized tips for choosing the right power generator suited for your industrial or commercial generator site.