5 Shortcomings of Trello platform which makes itunworthy to use

We all have heard about the popular project management software that is Trello. This is making big headlines for all businesses and gave developers to assist them in managing their projects in finest way. Crusaders heaven game and other such games are also developed on Trello platform which further increase its popularity. But everything is not purely out of flaws and we have certain shortcoming related to the use of Trello as well. Here are top five drawbacks that makes trello platform unworthy to use as project managing tool for businesses and other people.

  1. Trello cannot manage all sort of projects with single board

The first thing that will decrease the authenticity of using Trello as project managing tool is its single board. You cannot imagine to work on trello for all sort of projects in different businesses. There are certain projects which needs more than one board system and unfortunately Trello cannot be their best choice in such scenario. So this is something we can consider as the biggest shortcoming that people face by using Trello as their project manager. Most of the projects are not managed by using this software because of its Single board issue.

  1. It is not equipped with all Project managing tools 

There are different projects managing tools and features that a software must possess to execute the project in best way. But many of them are lacking when it comes to trello. For example a person using project managing tools expect that the software is capable to keep a record on the expenses of the project, time taken by the project for different tasks and such other things. But all these features are not met by the trello platform for the team which is working on a project. As a result of which this platform is discarded by the businesses owing to this drawback on the software.

  1. Poor platform for effective interaction between the team 

It is very important for a project management software or tool that it gives effective platform to communicate for the team. But when it comes to trello it is really not possible to that extent. You can just make limited communication between your team which is not going to suffice the need of sharing things when team is working on a project. This is the biggest blunder that we can see in trello and the reason why people do not choose it as their project managing software. There are so many alternatives in the market and people prefers to choose them over trello because of these drawbacks. 

  1. It doesn’t show compatibility with other files formats 

This is the must need of any project managing software that it show compatibility with files of all formats. But it is not possible in case of trello which is even not compatible with the file of MS world. More if you want to drag files from another folder of your system to trello platform then it cannot be possible without doing copy and paste thing manually. All these things are annoying for a team who is managing a crucial project and they discard Trello in such state.

  1. Free version is not that promising for project management 

Last drawback that we can relate to the use of Trello software is that it is not having that promising features when it comes to the free version of the software. Only paid version of the project managing tool is going to allow you to have an access to the crucial features. Even its paid version is also incapable of providing all the features for a project handing team which is why businesses do not find it worthy to use for their projects many times. It is relevant when you are using it for a simple project only. 


So this is how we can understand the drawbacks of using Trello platform as project managing tool. If you are also looking for a good project manager software for your simple project then Trello can be a good choice. But at the same time in terms of handling complicated projects you can switch to many alternatives available in the market for trello.