5 reasons to hire jewelry insurance company

You might be thinking that since you got your engagement rings on sale, all is well with the world. But have you thought about what would happen if your ring was stolen from a museum? Or what might happen if it was damaged in transit while being delivered? These are two very real possibilities if you don’t take some precautionary steps by adding jewellery insurance to your purchase. Here are five potential benefits of adding insurance to your purchase.

1. Provides protection for a one-time purchase

When you are thinking about buying an engagement ring, you have already made a substantial investment. You have probably saved money and put in a lot of hard work to afford the ring that was chosen for your loved one. Adding insurance can ensure that you are able to enjoy this item instead of having it become yet another thing that gets lost or damaged in the game of life.

2. Offers peace of mind on a valuable purchase

Having an investment that is priceless can be both comforting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You want to know that it is well protected, but also want to know you will have access to it whenever you need it. If your ring is lost or stolen, you can get a replacement just like if it was a cell phone or computer. This is one of the primary benefits of getting jewellery insurance.

3. Gives an added layer of security for your investment

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then having peace of mind in knowing that a ring has been insured is worth many times that. Not only does adding insurance provides financial coverage for investment but can also act as an extra layer of defence and protection from unforeseen accidents as well as theft and loss. This provides a sense of security for you and your loved one.

4. Provides peace of mind when traveling

If you are planning to take your loved one on a trip, jewellery insurance can help protect the ring before it even leaves home. Even if the ring doesn’t get lost or stolen before the flight is over, it can still be damaged in transit, especially if it is important to you. By simply selecting an insuring company that will send you a tracking device and securely store your jewellery, you can feel more confident that it will be protected throughout its journey as well as after it arrives at its destination.

5. Offers financial protection for sentimental items as well.

You might be thinking that your ring isn’t a sentimental item. It was just picked out of a catalog. However, this is probably not the case for everyone. If you take some time to think about the ring, you might realize that it holds sentimental value for you, or it might hold sentimental value for your loved one. You will want insurance coverage if the sentimentality ever becomes of great concern to you or your partner in the future.


You might not think about jewellery insurance, but the benefits of adding it to your purchase are worth considering. Having an investment that is priceless can be both comforting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Adding insurance can help you feel more confident that you are protected should something happen to your ring or if someone ever attempts to steal it.

Adil Husnain

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