5 reasons to go on a campervan holiday this summer

The past few years have rekindled many Brits’ passion for a staycation and camping trips, and if you’ve rediscovered your love of Blighty, perhaps a campervan holiday could be just the ticket in 2024. 

According to the most recent figures, Brits take an estimated 16.7 camping trips per year. This encompasses campervan trips as well as holidays that use tents, trailer tents, touring caravans, caravan holiday homes and park homes.

Campervanning offers the ultimate levels of freedom. Wherever a road goes, you can go. There are all manner of reasons why a campervan trip offers supremacy for a summer getaway in 2024.

The Ultimate in Flexibility 

Where you go and what you do is completely up to… you. Spend your mornings trekking in mountainous areas before lounging on the beach all afternoon. Or park up in a central location and go exploring a local town or city. If you’re happy with your spot, you can also do nothing at all!

Be sure to note any local parking restrictions. The last thing you want to deal with on your trip is a parking fine or similar issues.

It’s a Wallet-Friendly Option (if you want it to be!)

Flights, accommodation, meals – it doesn’t take long for costs to spiral on a traditional holiday. Of course, in a campervan your travel and home from home are already taken care of so you will likely start your trip having made a saving on this front.

Camping pitches are also relatively affordable and a great part of the lifestyle is activities such as campsite barbecues, with the friendly atmosphere ideal when the weather turns out nice.

Although you will have to consider costs like temporary van insurance and fuelling your campervan throughout your trip, these are again outgoings that you can have some control over by tailoring your holiday accordingly.

Meet Likeminded People as You Camp

Campsites are naturally full of people who enjoy taking things at their own pace while on holiday and there’s a decent chance that you’ll make good friends there. 

Get involved by chatting to your campmates – as long as they’re happy to! – and show the communal spirit by getting involved in any onsite activities.

It’s A More Comfortable Way to Travel

No endless queues in the airport and cramming into a tiny plane seat, you can stretch out and relax when travelling in a campervan. Share the driving load so that everyone has an opportunity to luxuriate and take in the stunning scenery.

You can also set off and stop off at your pleasure when campervanning, so picnics at randomly discovered beauty spots are cancelled out by a strict schedule.

Get Out in Nature

A getaway with a green backdrop always offers a chance to properly unwind and refresh your state of mind, with benefits to both our physical and mental wellbeing keenly felt from time spent in nature. 

As well as spending some time with activities in the natural world, a caravan break also offers the chance to literally live in an eco-conscious way.