5 questions to ask a heavy haulage company

Do you need to move goods from one location to another to satisfy customer demands? The chances are you’ll require more than just a few 4×4 vehicles to haul them.

Whilst you could invest in additional vehicles, or make countless trips across the UK and beyond to transport freight yourself, it’s much more cost-effective to outsource to a heavy haulage company. They can do the arduous work for you – ensuring that your cargo reaches its end destination safely and on time.

Before you hire anyone for heavy haulage transport, you need to make sure that you ask the right questions.

Let’s take a look at some of these.

Which industries do you work with?

Most haulage companies cater to a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, engineering, and infrastructure – but it’s always worth double-checking to be on the safe side.

If you need to move industrial machinery or heavy equipment from one site to the next, you want to trust that your chosen company has the appropriate systems to manoeuvre it safely and efficiently. You don’t want to waste your time requesting a quote if they cannot accommodate your project requirements.

How do you plan every route?

Ensuring goods are transported from A to B on time is the top priority for most businesses, and rightly so!

Finding out more about the process of heavy haulage – including how the firm operates logistically and how they can meet your tight schedule – will help you to make an informed decision as to whether you want to enlist their help or look elsewhere.

Do you provide specialist haulage transportation?

Though heavy haulage is great for transporting machines, some providers can also provide a tailored solution for larger, more cumbersome items, such as statues, wind turbines, and bridge sections.

If you require abnormal load transport, don’t be afraid to ask for more information about their bespoke haulage services. You want to be confident that they can meet all of your haulage needs – and that means having the most suitable equipment and experienced personnel to handle and transport your goods safely.

What haulage trucks do you have?

An experienced haulier will have an extensive fleet of vehicles and modular equipment at their disposal – including bogies, low loaders, platform trailers, and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs), to name just a few.

However, it’s a sensible idea to find out about the maximum capacity of these vehicles, as you need to be surethat they can handle the goods you need to transport.

How much do you charge?

There are bound to be several companies claiming to be ‘heavy haulage transport specialists’, but their rates often vary.

The size and weight of the load will dictate whichtype of vehicle is required. Similarly, if a specially trained driver is required, and you need to ship goods long distances, this can increase the overall price – as can ferry costs, tolls, and fuel.

The best thing to do is request a free no-obligation quote from different haulage companies,thenmake comparisons between the services they provide. This will enable you to base your decision on who can offer you the best service for the best price.

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