5 good reasons to arrange an industrial roof survey

Despite being frequently overlooked, the roof is one of the most important parts of your industrial facility.

It’s exposed to the ever-changing elements and has to provide shelter and protection for your goods, machinery, and workers.

Arranging a roof survey will give you the peace of mind that your building is safe and will also prevent stress and unexpected downtime – allowing industrial operations to continue.

Let’s take a look at why else you should consider having a roof survey.

What does a roof survey involve?

A roof survey (also known as a roof report or roof inspection) is usually carried out by industrial roofing contractors who have vast experience in their field.

The survey itself is performed to examine the condition and quality of your existing industrial roof – particularly the membrane, insulation, and structure. A professional will also identify potential issues.

For example, if your roof is starting to show signs of general wear and tear – due to prolonged exposure to the rain, snow, wind, or UV rays – a  roof inspection will assess the level of damage done and whether a replacement is required. 

Roofing contractors will also be able to spot leaks and water ingress before they escalate into something much bigger and become more expensive to repair.

Ponding and standing water are common problems with flat roofs when they are poorly maintained or there’s insufficient drainage. But a roof survey will reveal any areas where rainwater has collected along the roof’s surface, due to blocked drains or downspouts.

Whether it be rotten roof decks or holes in the roof, there are several potential points of failure on your roof. However, an experienced contractor can conduct a survey and identify such issues before offering advice on how to resolve them.

Upon completion of the visual inspection, you will be issued with a detailed report. This will highlight the areas that require attention, along with HD images and recommendations going forward.

What are the benefits of having a roof survey?

There are several ways in which you can benefit from arranging an industrial roof survey, including:

  1. Timely solutions 

An industrial roof survey can help to uncover various issues with your roof structure – things that are often not visible to the untrained eye or from the ground.

Using their expertise and diagnostic tools and techniques, a surveyor will be able to spot issues without delay and fix them before they escalate and cause more damage and disruption.

  1. Increased productivity

Having your roof inspected regularly will help to maintain its strength and durability. 

When employees feel safe working under the roof at your industrial facility, the chances are they will be able to concentrate better on their duties. Therefore, arranging a roof survey will allow for a positive working environment where staff feel motivated to work productively.

  1. Cost-efficiency

When an industrial roofing contractor carries out a survey, you can be confident that the smallest of problems will be identified.

This not only saves you from expensive repair work but also minimises downtime. After all, minor repairs are much quicker to make than larger, more serious ones.

  1. Comfort

Having a routine roof inspection will make sure that your roof is in good condition, helping to maintain the temperature inside your industrial building.

When maintained properly, your building will feel warmer throughout the winter and cooler during the summer – ensuring maximum comfort for your workforce.

  1. Decision making

If you’re planning on installing a new roof at your industrial premises, a survey will inform you about the condition of your existing roof – influencing your choices and options.

Similarly, if you’re looking at buying an industrial property, arranging an inspection will make you aware of potential faults and help you to negotiate a better price to accommodate the necessary repairs.

Arrange an industrial roof survey today

As we’ve discovered, there are countless benefits to having a roof inspection carried out at your industrial facility. However, it’s crucial that you always use a reputable company, like Roofing Consultants Group.

Aside from having experience in abundance, their industrial roofing contractors will arrange a convenient time to conduct the survey and examine all aspects of your roof.

They will use only the best diagnostic equipment and pride themselves on offering an accurate and transparent service for all clients.


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