5 Fun Items To Make Your Promotions Count 

Promoting your business can be challenging. It can be particularly rough when you’re faced with competition from other organizations, a lack of brand awareness, and myriad other factors. That’s why you need to get a little creative sometimes. This might come down to setting up a contest, building an effective web presence, or taking out some clever billboard ads to run in your local areas. But there’s a relatively well-known secret weapon available to small business owners and large corporations alike: promotional items! These are usually inexpensive items distributed in a complimentary manner by businesses around the globe. They’re usually effective because they contain the company logo, location information, and contact info. Utilizing them at your business can help you drive customer engagement and increase your business across the board. Here are five fun promotional items that can help you make your promotions and marketing efforts count. 


Everyone needs to write stuff down once in a while. But have you ever noticed that when you sit down to write down an important number, date, or appointment, you never seem to have any paper within reach? It happens to everyone sometimes! Stationary isn’t limited to paper, either. It can be comprised of many types of office supplies, such as:

  • Address labels
  • White Out
  • Envelopes (letter, legal, and #10)
  • Binding wire (spiral and coil)
  • Paperclips (in various colors)
  • Staples (in various colors)
  • Tape dispensers (various colors)
  • Rulers (various colors)

Stationary is a good promotional tool. It’s inexpensive, and it makes a great gift. So why not take a leap forward and offer some of it to your customers for free or at a low price today? Don’t forget to include your company’s logo, location, and contact info to get the most out of marketing with these types of materials.

Custom Pens

Branded pens are a tried and tested marketing tool that has been used by so many companies over the years that you likely have a few in your own collection at home. Every time you go to a bank, real estate office, car dealership, or even a grocery store, there’s usually a free pen—usually with the company’s name or logo on the side of it—available as a complimentary item. If you own a business and want to generate leads, then using custom pens to do it can be a very useful tool for marketing, promotions, and generating positive interest in your small business/organization. Why not give the gift of a personalized pen to your customers? A simple ballpoint pen can make a great freebie for customers, while more personalized or fancier pens (fine point or engraved pens, for instance) can cement your company’s name in a customer’s mind for a long time. Pens are always a useful gift since people need pens all the time. Pens have a tendency to get up and walk away, so having an extra one handy is always a nice thing. Providing awesome, custom pens your customers will love is an advantageous way to generate interest, create brand awareness, forge customer relationships, and help broaden your business with a relatively low cost of admission.


Keychains are another fun idea to use for advertising your business and growing your customer base. Everyone has keys, and just like stationary, they can come in handy when you need them the most. After all, nothing’s worse than losing your house key or car key and not being able to readily identify it when you’re looking. A keychain can be beneficial in those situations. Keychains are also useful for organizations. Moreover, keychains are fully customizable and can consist of a simple branding message that includes your location or be a graphical design of your own creation intended to lure customers back to your organization. That alone makes them a double whammy of promotional goodness, all wrapped up in a compact—and easily distributed—package. Better yet, they’re a very low-cost alternative to some other types of promotional items. When you want to give your customers something functional, collectible, and sentimental, a custom logo keychain can be just the thing to ignite customer interest and help you attract a loyal following fast.

Tote Bags

If you’re working in an industry where you offer items for sale or operate several retail locations, having a tote bag available for your guests is a great marketing tool. Some of the reasons are pretty obvious: it’s a way for them to carry your merchandise and can sometimes act as a conduit for offering discounts/promotions to pre-existing and returning customers. There are some other perks to using tote bags as well. One of the most critical for building a brand relationship is putting your logo and information on the back. This acts as a worthwhile and inexpensive bit of advertising, while also being friendly to the environment. Other people might see the logo, see the utility and functionality of the bag, and decide they want to patronize your establishment. Other than that, bags can be eco-friendly and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can essentially give your customers a functional item they can use and reuse while simultaneously promoting your business. Whether you decide to offer standard tote bags for free or charge a small fee for them, they are a high-value asset available at a low cost of admission for any company.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs make great promotional items because many people drink coffee every day. There’s a reason why coffee mugs are some of the most popular promotional items around. After all, almost everyone (or at least a large number of people) drinks coffee every day! A coffee mug is a great way to keep your company’s name in front of customers and also makes for a nice keepsake. Plus, you can customize the mug with an image, logo, or special branding. Coffee mugs make great gifts for clients and can be sold or given away as part of marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to attract more clientele, using coffee mugs as advertising tools is a smart move! Be sure to pick out the best ones for your company and get ready to take advantage of one of the absolute best promotional tools on the market today!